Who is Will Goldfarb wife?

Here we have Room 4 Dessert dessert master Will Goldfarb, with his wife Maria and their daughter Lulu.

Is Will Goldfarb married?

He is survived by his wife of 18 years, Cynthia Knowles Goldfarb, and his brother Gary Goldfarb of Austin, Texas.

Where did Will Goldfarb grow up?

Paying attention, it becomes clear, is a relatively new skill for Will Goldfarb. Born in Long Island, Goldfarb grew up in the suburbs and had what he claims was a normal life. “I worked a lot, I studied a lot.” But true to form for a lusty Eight, he was burnt out by his senior year of college.

What inspired Will Goldfarb?

Who is Will Goldfarb? Will’s interest in food was first sparked whilst working as waiter, along side studying at Duke University. He became so passionate about cooking that he chose not to go to law school, and to pursue a career as a pastry chef instead.

Where did Will Goldfarb go to college?

After attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in the 90s, Goldfarb landed a stage at molecular gastronomy institution elBulli, where he spent more than a year in the hallowed kitchen.

How tall is Will Goldfarb?

Goldfarb, who is six-foot-three and limber from regular Pilates sessions, stretches his long arms to capacity. “Look around,” he says, grinning.

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Where does Will Goldfarb live?

After a battle with cancer, the pastry chef left New York and moved to Indonesia with his family. Goldfarb and his wife, Maria, opened the next iteration of Room 4 Dessert with their own vision of what a dessert-only restaurant should be.

What desserts does Goldfarb make?

Another dessert, simply called Red – watermelon ice, dragonfruit meringue, beetroot juice, roasted tamarillo – is “fresh, surprising and beautiful,” while at the more robust-sounding end of a menu split between ‘satisfying,’ ‘iconic’ and ‘new’ dishes, is Day at the Beach, which consists of pancetta financier, pommel

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