How did pie town get its name?

Pie Town is located along U.S. Highway 60 in Catron County. Its name comes from an early bakery for making dried-apple pies that was established by Clyde Norman in the early 1920s.

What is there to do in Pie Town NM?

Best things to do near Pie Town, NM 87827

  • Acoma Pueblo. 50.4 mi. 23 reviews.
  • Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. 43.4 mi. 13 reviews.
  • City of Quemado. 18.9 mi. 1 review.
  • High Country Alpaca Ranch. 22.4 mi.
  • Lava Falls. 29.3 mi.
  • Sky City Cultural Center. 50.5 mi.
  • Concho Hills Guest Ranch. 40.3 mi.
  • New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting. 19.0 mi.

Is Pie Town NM Open?

PIE TOWN, N.M. – Pie – O-Neer Pies, a popular bakery and New Mexico staple in the heart of Pie Town, has closed its doors for good amid COVID-19. To close a business that has been your life’s work is walking away from something you loved and nurtured, “said Pie – O-Neer’s owner, Kathy Knapp.

What town is known as Pie Town?

Pie Town is located immediately north of the Gila National Forest and not very far west of the Plains of San Agustin, the location of the Very Large Array radio telescope, which is also located along U.S. 60.

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Pie Town, New Mexico
• Water 0.04 sq mi (0.1 km2)
Elevation 7,778 ft (2,371 m)
Population (2010)
• Total 186


What percentage of Americans prefer to eat their pie crust first?

1 in 5 Americans have claimed to have eaten an entire pie by themselves. 9% Americans who prefer to eat their pie crust – first. 18% of men who say their wife makes the best homemade pie while 2% of women who say their husband makes the best homemade pie.

How far is Pie Town from Santa Fe?

There are 157.06 miles from Santa Fe to Pie Town in southwest direction and 194 miles (312.21 kilometers) by car, following the I-40 route.

Where is Magdalena from?

Spanish soldiers saw the profile of a woman on the west face of the peak. A priest with them was reminded of a similar peak in Spain called “La Sierra de Maria Magdalena “, so he called the New Mexico one “La Sierra de Magdalena “.

Magdalena, New Mexico
State New Mexico
County Socorro
• Total 6.22 sq mi (16.12 km2)


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