What was the cake in Chamber of Secrets?

Aunt Petunia’s Cake from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. What You Need: Three 9-inch circular cakes. 4 sticks of salted butter, room temperature.

What dessert did Dobby drop?

On 31 July, 1992, Petunia Dursley made a pudding. It was destroyed by Dobby the House-elf.

What is pudding in Harry Potter?

Weasley conjured up a sumptuous dinner that included all of Harry’s favourite things, ending with a mouthwatering treacle pudding.” I have to agree with Harry, treacle pudding really is delicious. There are two types of treacle: golden syrup and black treacle, also known as molasses.

Why does Dobby drop the cake?

Dobby is unable to reveal the Wizarding family that owns him, and hits himself uncontrollably each time he tries. Dobby levitates Aunt Petunia’s cake. When Harry refuses his demand to stay away from Hogwarts, Dobby drops the cake, splattering cream over Petunia’s spotless kitchen before vanishing.

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What hits Mrs Mason’s face?

In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the dessert, levitated by Dobby, crashed down on Mrs Mason’s head, ruining the dinner party and causing Vernon Dursley to lock Harry in his bedroom.

What is the dessert in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

In HBP Hermione, Harry, Neville, and Ginny are all invited to go to the Slug Club dinner party with Professor Slughorn. Ron is not invited. Not only is Ron not invited, Slughorn can never even get his name right. At the party, Slughorn serves a lovely dessert: Profiteroles.

What kind of cake does Dobby drop?

Even if you don’t remember much about the food in Harry Potter, there is no way to escape or forget the scene when Dobby drops the cake onto Mrs. Mason’s head. I remember very clearly my wonder when I first saw that pudding floating across the screen.

Who gives Harry the Gillyweed?

In the film, Neville Longbottom tells Harry about Gillyweed (he learned of it in a book Crouch/”Moody” had given him), and Harry is given the actual Gillyweed by Neville and told to put it in his mouth by Crouch.

Why did they stop the Triwizard Tournament?

As a result of a champion’s death despite the new safety regulations imposed, the Triwizard Tournament was discontinued permanently, and no further plans were made to reinstate it.

What is a pudding British?

A British pudding is a dish, savory or sweet, that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed in something: a dish, a piece of cloth, or even animal intestine. The best example is sticky toffee pudding, a date cake with caramel sauce that’s traditionally steamed but is now often baked.

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How much money do you need to include a hot chocolate with your knight bus ticket?

Harry first took the Knight Bus in ” The Prisoner of Azkaban.” How much does a ticket cost if it includes hot chocolate? Answer: 14 sickles.

Who sends Dobby?

Harry pleaded for help from the owner of the eye, Aberforth Dumbledore, and shortly Dobby, sent by Aberforth, Apparated into the cellar. As he was able to Disapparate to and from the Manor, Harry instructed him to first take Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, and Mr Ollivander from the cellar, then return.

Did Draco send Dobby to Harry?

As previously stated, in Book 5 Kreacher was only able to leave after Sirius told him to get out. It would appear that Draco, upon hearing of his Father’s plans, sent Dobby to “warn” Harry Potter.

What plot was Dobby talking about?

Dobby, being the house elf of the Malfoys, knew that something sinister was being plotted for Hogwarts. The plot, as we must assume, revolved around the Weasleys, Harry’s favorite wizarding family.

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