Where is the sea hare’s tail in Secret of Mana?

This is found Southwest of Kakkara Village, just off the coast. Go into the Northern hut and speak with the Shopkeeper inside. The Shopkeeper will remark that he only has Sea Hare Tails and will give one to Randi.

How do you get Matango?

To get to Matango, head back to the Spring area of the forest, just outside Popoi’s village, and go through the southwest exit. This will bring you into an area of forest that appears like the Summer area does. Cast your newly aquired Analyzer on the crystal to find out that Sylphid’s magic is needed to break it.

How do I get to the Moon Palace Secret of Mana?

The desert here is the same, but with basically fallen stars everywhere that are glowing. Go up and speak to the Robin Hood on the boat, and he’ll ferry you across the lake to the palace. When you get there, walk inside, and you’ll find yourself in a dark room that looks like space.

Where is Matango?

Matango is located at the foot of a mountain chain in the northwest region of the Upper Land. It can be reached on foot by traveling through the Great Forest and a cave, or by riding Flammie. There is also a Cannon Travel Center nearby.

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What do you do when you get Flammie?

Use the Flammie Drum to summon Flammie. The drum is in your inventory where your healing items are, such as Chocolate and Cups of Wishes. When flying on Flammie, press Start to see the world map. First you see it as a globe, then you can press L or R to switch to the flat map view (which takes a while to load).

Where do I go after Flammie?

Actually, since you just got Flammie, there’s two places you can go at this point. You can continue to go to Lofty, and ultimately, the Palace of Darkness to get Shade for the sprite OR you can deviate from the path the game wants you take, and head to the Gold Isle and the Light Palace to get Lumina for the girl.

Does Secret of Mana have a map?

no. The FF series didn’t have that til FFX (2001) to give a sense of timing. This game is from 1993 (though Super Metroid, released months after SoM, had such minimaps).

What is the meaning of Matango?

Matango in English., also known as Fungus of Terror, Curse of the Mushroom People and Attack of the Mushroom People, is a 1963 Japanese tokusatsu movie.

How do I get to the secret of mana in Kakkara desert?

After Matango, head back into the Upper Land forest and go to the cannon travel to get to Kakkara. When you land in the desert, walk around for a while, going through a few screens, and your characters will say their lost and getting tired. They then see a ship in the distance and run to it.

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What does it mean to call someone a mushroom?

a stupid person or someone that you don’t know and don’t like. You’re telling that person that they have a low I.Q. God, you are such a mushroom! See more words with the same meaning: unintelligent person, idiot.

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