What are chocolate covered marshmallow cookies called?

Some call them munchmallows, mallows, even whippet cookies, but we like to simply call them Chocolate covered marshmallow cookies, because that’s what they are, plain and simple.

What is a Malimar?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen) Mallomars. The name alone is almost enough to trigger a blissful sugar coma. This confection of graham cracker and marshmallow, dipped in chocolate, is a seasonal item from Nabisco and only available in the colder chocolate-friendly winter months.

What is Schokokuss?

The German Schokokuss Sweets are made with beaten egg whites and sugar syrup, covered with dark chocolate. The Schokokuss is also known as Schaumkuss or Topkuss in Germany.

What were Viva puffs called?

Whippets (aka Viva Puffs ) The younger Viau debuted the Whippet’s predecessor, the Empire, at a hockey game in 1901.

What is the difference between whippets and Viva Puffs?

A Dare spokeswoman says the company markets the Viva Puff, a similar cookie, in Ontario. The Quebec Whippet has “real” chocolate while its counterpart is made with a “compound” chocolate.

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Are pinwheels the same as Mallomars?

Whereas Pinwheels are large, very sugary, very cakey cookies these Mallomars are far less sweet and and are a better experience.

Are mallomars discontinued?

Mallomars are only “in season” from September through March. The limited grocery store run was originally put in place so the chocolate wouldn’t melt in the non-refrigerated trucks of 1913, but, seeing as we have totally chill trucks today, now it’s all about hard-to-get hype.

What is a Malabar cookie?

These Mallomars cookies are made with a tasty cookie base that is topped with a mound of marshmallow and covered with a rich layer of pure chocolate. They are easily portable and can fit inside a bagged lunch for work or school.

Who invented the mallomar?

Mallomars were first invented following the success of another Nabisco cookie, Marshmallow Crème, which were sold in large square tin containers at the turn of the 20th century. Consumers loved the cookie but wanted to buy them in retail-sized packages.

Are mallomars smaller than they used to be?

The new 2016 Mallomars have just come into the stores and HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!! While the cookie size still remains smaller than it used to be, the chocolate is once again a rich dark chocolate, and the general structure of the cookie is a higher quality and very much like it used to be (see new picture attached).

What are chocolate kisses called in Germany?

Furthermore, in the Middle Western parts and western Germany, Schokokuss is also known as chocolate kiss and sometimes the word marshmallow is also used to describe it. Later on the names were changed and became more neutral like Schokoküsse or Schokokuss ( Chocolate Kiss ).

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What do Germans call chocolate covered marshmallows?

Chocolate covered marshmallows are a staple at every German birthday party. They are a very popular treat. We call them Schokoküsse ( chocolate + kisses) or Schaumküsse (foam + kisses), but you may also know them as flødeboller, as they are called in Danish.

Are Viva Puffs cookies?

A delicious texture combination of rich cookie, soft marshmallow and a sweet surprise in the middle, all smothered in a chocolatey coating.

What is Belgian marshmallow?

Real mini marshmallows are drenched in pure Belgian Milk Chocolate then coated with a thin Crunchy Candy shell. All made fresh in our own chocolate kitchens.

What is Krembo made of?


Marshmallow cream-filled Krembo
Course Snack
Place of origin Israel
Created by Strauss
Main ingredients Chocolate, filling such as marshmallow cream, marzipan or buttercream, biscuit or cookie similar to shortbread

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