Can you trade gold in BDO?

Gold can not be traded between player.

Where can I sell my gold in black desert?

Black Desert Online: What to do with Gold To sell the gold bar back to the shop again, go to a storage and select “Currency Exchange”, then go to the “ Sell ” tab on the shop window. Here you can sell back your gold bars to change them back to silver.

What do gold bars do in black desert?

Gold Bar 1,000G Bring 100,000,000 Silver to a Storage Manager to exchange them for a Gold Bar 1000G. ※ Depositing Gold Bars in the Investment Bank might earn you more money. ※ The Investment Bank can only be used by players with a Rank 1 residence.

How do I get gold ore in BDO?

A natural resource obtained through Gathering and used as a material for Crafting. It can be modified using Alchemy or Processing. Gold Ore requires a certain level of skill to collect. – How to Obtain: It can be directly obtained from rock containing Gold.

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Can you buy gold in Black Desert online?

Black Desert Silver or silver coins are the main in-game currency in Black Desert Online ( BDO ) game. Buy Black Desert Online silver with the best rates and fast delivery. Here you will find many offers to choose from. Get Black Desert gold now.

Is there a bank in Black Desert online?

Investement Bank | Black Desert Online.

What do you lose when you die in BDO?

If a character dies, There is penalty depending on what caused the death. If you die after fighting monsters, Combat EXP goes down, destruction of crystal and trade item could happen.

Can you make real money on Black Desert online?

Once you ‘ve played enough Black Desert Online, you ‘re sure to have items you don’t need clogging up your storage warehouses or more horses than you know what to do with in your stables. With PlayerAuctions, you ‘ll be able to turn those BDO items into real -world cash!

How can I sell silver in BDO?

How to Sell Black Desert Online Silver for Real Money?

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Upload your offers and rates through our system.
  3. Once a buyer purchases your BDO silver, deliver the currency to the buyer.
  4. After the buyer receives the silver, wait for the payment to be sent and get paid.

Can you trade in BDO?

There are two possible ways of trading in Black Desert: via Trader Manager or Auction House. Items that you find at Trade Managers, cannot be sold at the secondary market, and can only be used for 24h. You can also sell special items and fish that you catch at the Trader Manager.

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What can I do with Bartali gold bar in BDO?

This gold bar is issued by the Bartali Family to Adventurers who have made a major contribution to Balenos Territory. It is worth 1,000,000 Silver. You can exchange it for 1,000,000 Silver through any town Storage Keeper.

How can I get 100G gold bar in BDO?

Bring 10,000,000 Silver to a Storage Keeper to exchange them for a Gold Bar 100G.

How do you get beer in black desert?

Beer is an important commodity in Black Desert. The beer recipe is fairly simple, all you need is:

  1. Wheat, Potato, Corn or Barley x5 (no mixing – single plant for single batch)
  2. Mineral water x6 (30 silver/piece)
  3. Sugar x1 (20 silver)
  4. Leaving agent x2 (20 silver/piece)
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