How do you pronounce Sobremesa?


  1. SpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) soh. – breh. – meh. – sah.
  2. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) so. – βɾe. – me. – sa.
  3. Spanish Alphabet (ABC) so. – bre. – me. – sa.

How do you say dessert in different languages?

In other languages dessert

  • American English: dessert /dɪˈzɜrt/
  • Arabic: حَلْوى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobremesa.
  • Chinese: 正餐后的甜食
  • Croatian: repete.
  • Czech: dezert.
  • Danish: dessert.
  • Dutch: toetje.

What does Gabi mean in Spanish?

gaby n. archaic (fool) tonto, tonta nm, nf.

What are the 5 words in Spanish for bedroom?

If you want to say “room” or “ bedroom ” in Spanish you will have several options to choose from:

  • cuarto.
  • pieza.
  • recámara.
  • dormitorio.
  • habitación.
  • ambiente.

What is the meaning of sobremesa?

The sobremesa is a Spanish tradition that involves spending time relaxing after a meal to drink coffee or digestive liquor or to just continue hanging out chatting at the table after eating. The ritual is a consequence of the heavy Spanish lunch, often made up of a first course, second course, and desert.

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What desserts are French?

French desserts

  • Café liégeois.
  • Calisson.
  • Charlotte.
  • Clafoutis.
  • Coconut cake.
  • Crème brûlée.
  • Bugne.
  • Crème caramel.

What is another name for dessert?

What is another word for dessert?

pud afters
cake candy
confection cookie
fruit lolly
pastry pie


How do you say delicious in different languages?

In other languages delicious

  1. American English: delicious /dɪˈlɪʃəs/
  2. Arabic: شَهِيّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: delicioso.
  4. Chinese: 好吃的
  5. Croatian: slastan.
  6. Czech: lahodný
  7. Danish: lækker.
  8. Dutch: lekker.

What does Mon Ami Gabi mean?

Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro that celebrates the rich heritage and ‘joie de vivre’ of France by serving up traditional dishes in a warm and inviting setting. “ Mon Ami ” means “my friend” in French while “ Gabi ” is for renowned chef and owner Gabino Sotelino.

What does Gabi mean in Hebrew?

Meaning of Gabi: God is my strength. Gabi Origin: Hebrew.

What does Gabby stand for?

Gabrielle (given name)

Meaning “able-bodied one of God”; or “messenger of God”
Other names
Short form(s) Gabby, Gab, Gabs, Brie, Gabbs, Gabi, Gaby, Belle, Bella, Gia, Elle, Ellie, Lily
Related names Gabriel, Gabriele, Gabrielė, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabie, Gabby, Gaby, Gabi, Gabbie, Gabe


Why are there two words for bedroom in Spanish?

The thing about el cuarto is that it’s used interchangeably with la sala “ room ”. So saying es mi cuarto means “it’s the room designated to me”. el dormitorio | The third most common word for “ bedroom ” in Spanish, el dormitorio means “sleeping room ” or “dormitory” since it’s related to dormir “to sleep”.

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What are the 2 ways to say is in Spanish?

“Is” is a verb in English meaning “to be.” In Spanish, there are two forms of the verb “to be”: estar and ser. Where it begins to become confusing is when you realize that estar and ser are not interchangeable, despite having the same definition.

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