How many s are in a desert?

desert / dessert Dessert has two s’s because you always want two. (If you prefer two arid ecosystems, that’s on you.) A desert (DEH-zert) is dry, but to desert (deh-ZERT) is to leave someone high and dry. Although desert as a verb is pronounced like dessert, if you desert a friend, you walk away.

Is dessert spelled with two S’s?

Dessert, the delicious sweet course after a meal, is spelled with two S’s. Desert, the dry, arid land, is spelled with one S.

Are desert and dessert homophones?

The words desert, dessert sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. The answer is simple: desert, dessert are homophones of the English language.

Which is biggest desert in the world?

The largest desert on earth is the Antarctic desert, covering the continent of Antarctica with a size of around 5.5 million square miles. Ranking of the largest deserts on earth (in million square miles)

Desert (Type) Surface area in million square miles
Antarctic (polar) 5.5
Arctic (polar) 5.4
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What is the largest hot desert in the world?

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert and the third largest desert behind Antarctica and the Arctic.

What is a fancy word for dessert?


  • ambrosia.
  • banquet.
  • bonne bouche.
  • dainty.
  • delight.
  • dessert.
  • feast.
  • goody.

What does dessert mean?

1: a usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice cream) usually served at the end of a meal. 2 British: a fresh fruit served after a sweet course.

What are the different kinds of desert?

The four main types of desert include hot and dry deserts, semi-arid deserts, coastal deserts, and cold deserts.

How would you use desert and dessert in a sentence?

Dessert refers to ‘a dish served as the last course of a meal’. Here is desert used in some example sentences:

  1. The famous saguaro cactus only grows in the wild in the Sonoran desert.
  2. My friends and I are banned from going into the deserted old house at the edge of town.
  3. He deserted his wife and children.

Why is sweet called Desert?

Dessert is the last part of a meal, and, it is usually sweet. Our English word dessert comes from a French word meaning “to remove what has been served” or de-serve: desservir. Desservir derived from a Latin word for slave, servus. Desert came from a Latin word meaning “to abandon,” deserere.

What are the 20 examples of Homographs?

20 example of homograph

  • Bear – To endure; Bear – Animal.
  • Close – Connected; Close – Lock.
  • Lean – Thin; Lean – Rest against.
  • Bow – Bend forward; Bow – Front of a ship.
  • Lead – Metal; Lead – Start off in front.
  • Skip – Jump; Skip – Miss out.
  • Fair – Appearance; Fair – Reasonable.
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Is Desert a Heteronym?

Desert and desert are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms. English words are also spelled according to their etymologies rather than their sound.

What is the grammatical difference between desert and dessert?

Desert means a barren area of land or desolate terrain, especially one with little water or vegetation; a wasteland when used as a noun. Dessert means a sweet confection served as the last course of a meal when used as a noun. Out of the two words, ‘ desert ‘ is the most common.

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