How do I get to El Nath 2020?

How to Get to El Nath in Maplestory

  1. Start at Victioria Island and get to Ellinia. Take the portal to the ship to orbis just below the Mage job advancement place.
  2. Arrive at orbis, and go left in the portal to escape the ticket place.
  3. Go in the portal and then climb down to enter the orbis tower.

How do I get to Sunset Road?

Take a boat from Ellinia to Orbis. Take the Genie from Orbis to Ariant. Go to “The Burning Sands: Outside North Entrance of Ariant” and either follow the portals or take the Camel Cab to Magatia.

How do you get to Maple World?

Go to Six Path Crossway, climb up to Victoria Tree Platform, take the appropriate portal, then talk to the travel NPC. Go to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go. Go to Crossroads of Ereve, take the Sky Ferry portal, then talk to the appropriate ship NPC.

How do I leave the Nihal Desert?

The fastest way is to go to Ariant, go through the portal all the way to the right to the map with rabbits, then go right one more map and talk to Karcasa. He’ll drop you instantly at a random town in Vic for 10k.

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How do you move around in Maplestory?

MOVEMENT. You can move left and right with the arrow keys and jump with the Alt key. When standing near a ladder or rope, press the up arrow key to climb it. Once on the ladder or rope, use the down arrow key to climb back down.

Where do I train in 2020 MapleStory?

Right now, the fastest way to level up at the start is to go through the 3 starting theme dungeons: Ellinel, Gold Beach, and Riena. You can get all the way to level 60 in a blink of an eye here, as the exp and quest rewards scale with your level.

What level is normal Zakum?

Normal Zakum can be taken on at level 90. In Reboot Worlds, most players will challenge Zakum at around level 100 due to the damage penalties that have against high level monsters.

How do I get to the six path Crossway?

3) Once you reach Henesys, on the left of your screen you should select “Quick Move.” 4) Select the ship icon and move to Victoria Tree Platform. Descend down the ladder in this map and you will reach Six Path Crossway.

How do you get to the Sunset Way?

Take bus 284 from Clementi bus interchange. Alight at Blk 308 on Clementi Avenue 4 and cross the canal / park connector on the walkway bridg. You will enter Sunset Way near by the HDB blocks who hours most of th shops and restaurants. – leaves every 4min during peak, every 10min off peak.

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How do I get to Grandis?

Grandis is accessible by using the Dimension Gate from Six Path Crossway, where players will arrive in Pantheon. Click on a dot to view a map’s page.

How do I get to Ludibrium MapleSaga?

You can get to Ludibrium PQ by going to the 101st Floor in the Eos Tower.

How do I start Magnus Prequest?

To start the prequests, accept the quest (Lv. 90) To Pantheon – Beldar, which should pop-up above your head when you hit level 90 automatically. Most likely you’ve already completed this quest and so head to Pantheon (Grandis -> Pantheon) and speak to Beldar.

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