How do you unlock the desert obelisk?

Desert Obelisk – Side 1 To unlock this symbol, you must complete both the Glass Factory puzzles, and the first tier of puzzles on the Symmetry Island to power up the gate leading to the top of the island.

How do I get to the desert in forager?

The Desert Biome is comprised of 10 lands to the east of the starting land. Desert Biome lands can be identified by their orange floors.

What are all the seals in forager?


Seal Location
Skull Seal Complete Skull Maze
Ancient Galaxy Seal Complete Ancient Galaxy Tower
Fire Galaxy Seal Complete Fire Galaxy Tower
Frozen Galaxy Seal Complete Frozen Galaxy Tower


How do you get a sword in forager?

Just like any other skill in the game, you need to spend a Skill Point to unlock it, and once you do, you have it permanently. After you get the Combat skill, you also get the Sword automatically in your Tool kit, so you don’t even need to craft it.

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Is the desert obelisk worth it Stardew?

But desert obelisk will buy you more time in the mines. I personally like the Return Scepter a lot more but if you like doing stuff in the desert then I’d definitely go for the Obelisk first. Definitely the return scepter. It takes you straight to your door, meaning you can stay out until around 1:30 no problem.

How do you make a desert totem?

It can be crafted after purchasing the recipe from the Desert Trader for 10 Iridium Bars. It can also be purchased from the Desert Trader for 3 Omni Geodes.

How do you get to level 100 in the skull cavern?

Time is of the essence when trying to reach deeper in Skull Cavern. Many attempts are foiled by the clock running out in the day before reaching Level 100. You’ll want to make sure you head to the Calico Desert as early as possible. A Desert Warp Totem will teleport you straight there, as will the Desert Obelisk.

How do you get sunken Ankh forager?

Sunken ankh can be found by placing fish traps in the desert. Sunken ankh are also a rare find from fish traps.

Where is the dinosaur egg in forager?

The Dino Egg is that rare item in the fire biome. You will need a shovel and to use a digging spot, which is unlocked by getting the Farming skill. The spots appear randomly around the world in each biome but you can use the Excavator Shrine buff to spawn more spots for a short amount of time.

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How do you get all the seals in forager?

How to unlock the Seal Collector achievement

  1. The Tomb Raider achievement in Forager worth 40 pointsComplete the Ancient Tomb.
  2. The Pathfinder achievement in Forager worth 40 pointsComplete the Skull Maze.
  3. The Ice Breaker achievement in Forager worth 44 pointsComplete the Crystal Cave.

What is the end goal of forager?

It is a single-player overhead exploration sandbox game involving puzzles, battles with enemies, structures construction, and resource gathering. The end goal is to defeat four dungeon bosses, complete the museum item bundles, purchase all lands and complete all feats. Forager was released on 18 April, 2019.

Where are all the secret rooms in forager?

Forager Secret Room Locations

  • Ancient Tomb. 1st Room. Just right of the entrance.
  • Skull Maze. Room 1. Just after the entrance, head straight to reach the hidden area.
  • Fire Temple. Room 1. The secret room is situated to the bottom right of the two large adjacent rooms.
  • Crystal Cave. Room 1.
  • Wizard’s Tower. Room 1.
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