How do you assign potions in black desert?

From your inventory, choose the consumable you want and hit assign (I think it’s the ‘X’ button), then place it at one of the 8 spots on the circle that pops up. This is your hot bar. From there, exit out of the menu and hold down ‘up’ on the D-pad.

What does locking a skill do BDO?

Locking a skill makes it so that you can’t use the skill using the hotkeys (e.g W+LMB or smth).

How do I add more action bars in BDO?

You can have a second/third/fourth action bar In settings, under game, check the box for Custom Action Bars, now you can drag any skill or item outside of your inventory, as if you were going to destroy it, but since you clicked Custom Action Bars, instead of destroying it, it creates a Quick Slot wherever you drop it!

How do I add more cooldown slots to BDO?

In order to change the cooldown of a specific skill, you need to press K and bring up the skill window on the screen first.

How do I change my BDO Quickslot?

Move the item over the Quickslot you want it in. Left-click that space and the item pops into place. You can’t just click-hold, drag, and release the button. You have to click on the space where you want to put the icon.

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How do I change the UI size in Black Desert online?

Step 1 – Open Black Desert Mobile and click on the “Menu” icon in the top right as illustrated below. Step 2 – Navigate to “Settings” as shown below. Step 3 – In the settings menu, click on the “Graphics” tab under which you will see a slider allowing you to change UI size as depicted below.

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