What to do with lots of limes?

More ways to use limes There are lots more ways to use this mighty citrus fruit. Here are some ideas: Throw lime zest into baked goods, like scones or cookies. Use the juice to brighten smoothies, like mango smoothie, pineapple smoothie or acai berry smoothie.

What can you do with sweet limes?

Sweet Lime Uses Sweet limes can be eaten like any ripe fruit. They can also be sliced and added to water instead of lemon, or added to a citrus salad for some extra flavor— sweet limes are a versatile fruit that can be substituted in instances that would normally call for a lime.

What can I do with a bag of key limes?


  1. Sweet and Sour Key Lime Pork.
  2. Grilled Key Lime Chicken – Recipe Critic.
  3. Creamy Key Lime Chicken Enchiladas – Betty Crocker.
  4. Key Lime Grilled Chicken Taco Skewers – Little Leopard Book.
  5. Perfect Key Lime Pie – Your Homebased Mom.
  6. Key Lime Pie Tartlets – Gimme Some Oven.
  7. Key Lime Bundt Cake – 36th Avenue.
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Can you freeze whole limes?

Fruit can be frozen without blanching. Freeze the whole fruit. freeze limes individually and then place in a bag together. Limes can be zested while partially frozen after you remove them from the freezer if you want to use the peel or they can be cut into wedges for a spritz of juice or to drop in a beverage.

Can I freeze sliced limes?

Thin slices of limes or wedges can be frozen in the freezer to use when that you need them. If you’re going to freeze slices and wedges it would be best to flash freeze them before placing them into a freezer bag for storage.

Why you should always freeze your lemons?

And if so, why should you freeze them? Freezing lemons hardens the lemon, making it easier to grate the peel. The grated lemon skin contains lots of health benefits and tastes great!

How long do lemons and limes stay fresh?

Lemons and limes should stay fresh for about a week at room temperature if kept out of bright sunlight. For ideal storage, place lemons and limes in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. They should keep for up to a month.

How long can you freeze lemons and limes for?

You can freeze lemons, limes and oranges up to 6 months. Just make sure you use a freezer container or bag and get out excess air.

Can you eat a lime like an orange?

Yes, you can eat the rind of a lime. The outer layer can be used for zesting to add flavor to water and beverages, dressings, marinades, and baked goods. Did you know the juice and zest from lemons or limes can work as a salt substitute and may help prevent the cold and flu?

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Do limes grow in Lima?

You may not have noticed it, but you seldom–if ever–see lemons in Peru. Instead, that niche is filled by a Peruvian fruit that resembles limes and is simply called limón, the Spanish word for “lemon”. The cognate of the English lime, lima, is reserved for a very different fruit. Peru has wonderful limes.

What is the sweetest lime?

Sweet Lime Varieties The sweet lime (Citrus limettioides) has a number of names depending upon what language is being spoken. In French, sweet limes are called limettier doux. In Spanish, lima dulce. In India, mitha limbu, mitha nimbu, or mitha nebu, with “mitha” meaning sweet.

Do key limes need to be refrigerated?

Store them at cool room temperature because refrigeration can speed decay. It seems, more often than not, that Key limes (and limes in general) appear in sweet recipes, but they can be just as great in savory dishes. Again, balance is the key.

How long do Key limes last in the fridge?

Limes Expiration Date

Counter Refrigerator
Fresh Limes last for 2-4 Weeks 1-2 Months
Cut Limes last for Same Day 2-3 Days
Lime Juice (re-sealable bottle (Unopened) lasts for 6 Months past date
Lime Juice (re-sealable bottle – Opened) lasts for 6 Months from opening, regardless of printed date


Are Key limes more tart than regular limes?

They also have small seeds and are known for their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants (like all limes ). Key limes have a higher pH than conventional limes, which gives them a lower acidity and a slightly less tart taste, according to Cook’s Illustrated.

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