What pairs well with ribs?

11 Perfect Sides to Serve with BBQ Ribs

  • Slow Cooker Collard Greens.
  • Classic Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Herbed Potato Salad.
  • Crispy Corn Fritters.
  • Baked Cheese Grits.
  • Corn with Basil Butter and Flaky Salt.
  • Corn and Tomato Coleslaw.
  • Spicy Jicama, Grapefruit, and Mango Salad.

What dessert goes best with pulled pork?

No-Bake Banana Cream Cheesecake So you’ve made it this far in the meal, and it’s time for dessert. What dessert goes well with barbecue, and specifically pulled pork? Banana pudding, of course! With its simple sweetness along with its light creamy appeal, it makes the perfect cap off to this pulled pork meal.

What vegetable goes with ribs?

  • Bacon Baked Beans. Get the recipe: Bacon Baked Beans.
  • Broccoli Grape Pasta Salad. Get the recipe: Broccoli Grape Pasta Salad.
  • Barbecue Roasted Potatoes. Get the recipe: Barbecue Roasted Potatoes.
  • Dorothea’s Corn Salad.
  • Classic Potato Salad.
  • Country Style Baby Lima Beans.
  • Coleslaw Pasta Salad.
  • BBQ Black Eyed Peas.
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What is a good dessert to serve with hamburgers?

  • Easy Peach Galette. This simple, impressive dessert starts with a store-bought pie crust.
  • Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Using zucchini in cake is the best idea ever!
  • Blueberry Gooey Butter Cake.
  • Snickerdoodle Blondies.
  • Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes.
  • Berry Icebox Cake.
  • Lemon Brownies.
  • Easy Layered Banana Pudding.

How long do I cook ribs in the oven at 350?


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Cut the racks of ribs in half crosswise.
  3. Cover the dish tightly with aluminum foil and bake until the meat begins to pull away from the ends of the bones and the ribs are just tender, about 1 hour.
  4. Preheat an outdoor grill to medium-high heat.

What do you eat with short ribs?

The short ribs can be served alongside buttered noodles, mashed potatoes or creamy polenta with a spoonful of the gravy on top. Round off the meal with an arugula salad or some glazed carrots and you’re set for the night.

What goes with pulled pork sliders?

What to Serve with Pulled Pork Sandwiches (17 Tempting Sides )

  • Jalapeno Cornbread.
  • Mac u0026amp; Cheese.
  • Corn Pudding.
  • Coleslaw.
  • Macaroni Salad.
  • Potato Salad.
  • Cucumber Salad.
  • Baked Beans.

What do you eat with pulled pork sandwiches?

The Best Toppings for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

  • Horseradish Sauce: Mix together sour cream or Greek yogurt with prepared horseradish for a hot flavor bite.
  • Classic Coleslaw: A simple slaw with a vinegar tang gives a crunchy bite to these succulent sandwiches.

What goes with pulled pork on a bun?

View All

  1. 1 of 16 Tomato Salad With Pickled Onion.
  2. 2 of 16 Macaroni and Cheese.
  3. 3 of 16 Creamy Potato Salad With Bacon.
  4. 4 of 16 Creamy Corn Pudding.
  5. 5 of 16 Maple Corn Bread.
  6. 6 of 16 Tangy Red Cabbage Slaw.
  7. 7 of 16 Herb Potato Salad.
  8. 8 of 16 Collard Greens With Bacon.
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What should I serve at my BBQ?

The Sides

  • Coleslaw.
  • Potato Salad.
  • Pasta Salad.
  • Corn on the Cob.
  • Watermelon, Berries, and Other Summer Fruits.
  • Cut Vegetables for Dipping.
  • Tortilla or Potato Chips.
  • Dinner Rolls, Tortillas, or Pitas.

How many ribs does a person have?

If you are planning on making the ribs the main part of your meal, here is a rough guide: Count on half a rack, or six ribs per person if you are serving baby back ribs. Aim for four or five ribs per guest if you are serving spare ribs. Plan for two or three ribs per guest if you are cooking up beef back ribs.

What dessert goes with chilli?

From apple strudel to frozen yogurt pie, these 12 refreshing desserts are the perfect ending to your bowl of spicy goodness.

  • Apple Strudel. Let’s start off with a fall favorite.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Bread.
  • Lemon Crinkle Cookies.
  • Lemon Bars.
  • Peach Shortcake.
  • Lemon Yogurt Parfait.
  • Raspberry Tiramisu.
  • Key Lime Pie.

What dessert goes best with fried chicken?

Our research concluded that peach cobbler, banana pudding, sweet potato pie, key lime pie, berry sorbet, and monkey bread are some of the best desserts to pair with fried chicken. They all possess the sweetness or tang to both complement and counter the greasy, salt-laden poultry.

What desserts does cookout have?

Cookout Desserts

  • Checkerboard Cake.
  • Caramel Rose Apple Pie.
  • 4-Flavor Cheesecake.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies.
  • 16-Layer No-Bake S’mores Cake.
  • Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars.
  • Key Lime Pie With Toasted Marshmallow Meringue.
  • Peach Skillet Cobbler.
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