What are all the vegetables in slime rancher?

Favored foods

Name Category Favored by
Carrot Veggie None
Heart Beet Veggie Rock Slime
Oca Oca Veggie Rad Slime
Odd Onion Veggie Crystal Slime


What are the flowers in the glass desert slime rancher?

These objects are called Oasis Buds and by activating them the player can create an Oasis. Oases are little hubs inside of the desert that contain food and water, which in turn spawn a series of different slimes for the player to acquire.

What are all the foods in slime rancher?

There are three types of slime food: veggies, fruits, and meat.

What slimes eat fruit?

Phoshphor and Honey Slimes only eat fruits. Rock and Rad Slimes eat only vegetables.

What does royal jelly do in slime rancher?

Royal Jelly is a rare Slime Science Resource that is obtained using an apiary and very rarely from Slime Science Crates. They are mainly used for Glass Desert specific Decorations and Fashion Pod Curios, though are also required to build Refinery and Market Link gadgets.

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What’s the best food in slime rancher?

Their favourite food is the Stony Hen. Tabby slimes can jump really high, so an Air Net in the corral would be a big help. Found in pools and shallow water everywhere, except for the main area in the Dry Reef. They require a pond to survive on the Ranch.

Is there a teleporter at the end of the Glass Desert?

On the release of 0.6. 0, the Static Teleporter in the ruins was located on the cliff next to a treasure pod. 1, the portal is now located near the temple housing the teleporter to The Glass Desert.

Can you grow Gilded Ginger?

It is the favored food of Gold Slimes and can be used on a Gordo Snare to attract a Gold Gordo, which cannot otherwise be encountered in Adventure Mode. The Gilded Ginger, as well as the Kookadoba fruit and Spicy Tofu, are unique among Food items in that they cannot be grown in a garden.

How do you rejuvenate the glass in the desert?

There are four dried up fountians placed around the Glass Desert which can be reactivated using 3 specific plorts and use the ancient water from the fountain to rejuvenate oasis buds. Take note that you have only 30 seconds before the ancient water turns to normal. You can refill it afterwards.

What slimes like odd onions?

6 – Odd onions can now be found in the Indigo Quarry. A favorite of the crystal slime, these curious veggies can’t be reliably grown in gardens, let alone foraged.

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What do pink slimes eat?

Pink Slime’s most notable trait which is unique to them is that they are the only true omnivorous slime; they can eat all foods from the three main food types; Fruit, Meat, and Veggies. This makes them the easiest Slime to ranch.

Which gordos give you slime keys?

Keys are obtained from the following Gordo Slimes:

  • Pink Gordo #1.
  • Pink Gordo #2.
  • Phosphor Gordo.
  • Honey Gordo.
  • Hunter Gordo.
  • Crystal Gordo.
  • Rad Gordo.
  • Boom Gordo.

What is a honey slimes favorite food?

Honey Slimes love to eat fruit, with their favorite food being the Mint Mango. Similar to Phosphor Slime, you’ll want to create a Garden to grow Mint Mango in order to increase the your yield of Honey Plorts.

How do I raise my Plort value?

In Rush Mode, all plorts are sold at their default price without any fluctuation in the market or resetting at midnight. Collecting 25 of any given plort will grant a bonus to improve your score, thus multiplying the amount of Newbucks earned. Selling 25 of every plort will nearly double the profit earned in that run.

What is the saber slimes favorite food?

Since the Saber Slimes themselves do not have a favorite food, it is recommended to convert regular slimes with an easily produced favored food into Saber Largos, such as Rad Slimes, Phosphor Slimes, or Rock Slimes.

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