What’s the difference between a whoopie pie and a gob?

A whoopie pie is a vile concoction of tasteless, elastic marshmallow filling sandwiched between graham crackers, then dunked in an oily brown liquid that stretches the definition of “chocolate.” A gob is composed of two “cookie-shaped” discs made by adding a small amount of flour to a chocolate cake mix.

Are gobs a Pennsylvania thing?

Gobs are inherently part of the fabric of Pennsylvania’s culinary landscape. They are also part of New England’s food history, but the dessert is known as a Whoopie Pie there.

Is whoopie pie a cake or cookie?

Whoopie pies are a dessert that consists of two cake -like cookies sandwiching a creamy, frosting-like filling. It is easy to think of them as a more portable version of a cupcake, where the frosting is inside of the cake and there is no wrapper with which to contend.

What is the Maine State Dessert?

In 2011, the Maine State Legislature designated blueberry pie, made with wild Maine Blueberries, as the official state dessert.

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What is largest whoopie pie?

The world’s largest whoopie pie was created in South Portland, Maine, on March 26, 2011, weighing in at 1,062 lb (481.7 kg). Pieces of the giant whoopie pie were sold and the money was used to send Maine-made whoopie pies to soldiers serving overseas.

Why do they call it a whoopie pie?

Some say Amish wives invented the whoopie pie from remnants of cake batter and frosting. According to the story, the name originated from the Amish men who, when they found these treats in their lunch boxes, would exclaim, “ Whoopie!” Possibly the most widely-distributed whoopie pies also come from Maine.

What dessert is Pennsylvania known for?

What to eat in Pennsylvania? Top 9 Most Popular Pennsylvanian desserts

  • Cookie. Apees Cookies. Philadelphia.
  • Cake. German Butter Cake. Philadelphia.
  • Dessert. Irish Potato Candy. Philadelphia.
  • Sweet Pie. Shoofly Pie. Pennsylvania.
  • Dessert. Apple Dumpling.
  • Cookie. Whoopie Pie.
  • Deep-fried Dessert. Funnel Cake.
  • Ice Cream. Ice Cream Float.

What is gob slang for?

(uncountable, slang ) Saliva or phlegm. Synonyms: saliva, spit, sputum. He spat a big ball of gob on to the pavement. (US, military, slang ) A sailor.

Why is a sailor a gob?

This term first showed up in regard to sailors around 1909 and may have come from the word gobble. The term also may come from the word gob, which means to spit, something sailors also reportedly do often. English coastguardsmen were referred to as gobbies because of their spitting habits.

Do homemade whoopie pies need to be refrigerated?

To keep them fresh, Whoopie pies can be kept out at room temperature, but just for a day or so. For long term freshness, and to maintain the flavors of the filling and shells, it’s best to store Whoopie pies in the refrigerator or freezer in air tight containers.

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Are whoopie pies a southern thing?

Whoopie Pies are the same thing as a Moon Pie This Southern dessert might be considered a distant cousin, howerver, this treat is made with marshmallow filling and graham cracker cookies dipped in chocolate.

What is whoopie pie made of?

The best way to describe a whoopie pie is that it’s a mini chocolate cake sandwich in cookie form. It is made of two round pieces of chocolate cake, with a creamy filling or frosting sandwiched between them. A traditional filling is a marshmallow filling, but different kinds of buttercream are widely used too.

What’s the state food of Maine?

List of U.S. state foods

State Food type Food name
Maine State berry Wild blueberry
State herb Wintergreen
State dessert Blueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberries
State treat Whoopie pie


What foods is Maine famous for?

  • Bean hole beans. Living up to its moniker as the “Pine Tree State,” Maine has a rich history of logging.
  • Lobster rolls. Lobster rolls are arguably the most iconic food in Maine.
  • Ployes.
  • Italian sandwiches.
  • Chowder.
  • Blueberry cake.
  • Fiddlehead ferns.

What state is whoopie pie in?

More like a cake than a pie or a cookie, whoopie pies are one of Maine’s best known and most loved comfort foods (sometimes made with Maine’s state soft drink). The recipe for whoopie pie originated with the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but this popular treat has been baked in Maine since 1925.

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