How do you teleport to the glass desert?

To get to the area you seem to be missing, go through the log between the “Honey Slime Garden” and the long, water-filled cell. Then, after coming out the other end, turn left and you should see a ramp and a broken wooden bridge. Across that is that which you seek.

What Plorts are needed for the glass desert?

Slime Statue

  • Located at the The Ancient Ruins courtyard which requires six plorts deposited into their respective statues to open the large Slime Gate for access to the Ancient Ruins: Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Honey, Boom and Rad Plorts.
  • The teleporter to The Glass Desert, which requires five Quantum plorts.

How do you restore the glass in the desert?

To unlock it, you will need to obtain three rock plorts, (which can be obtained from the rock slimes within the Glass Desert if required) place them in the Rock Slime Statues hidden around the fountain, (pictured on the left) and then find the Ancient Fountain to use the Ancient Water and start restoring the Glass

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How do you activate the fountain?

They can be activated by looking for three Slime Statues nearby – which represent a certain type of slime – and depositing their associated plort into it.

Is there a teleporter at the end of the Glass Desert?

On the release of 0.6. 0, the Static Teleporter in the ruins was located on the cliff next to a treasure pod. 1, the portal is now located near the temple housing the teleporter to The Glass Desert.

What happens when you restore the Glass Desert?

Benefits. Once an Oasis has been restored it will trigger its spawn nodes for Slimes, fruit, and veggies. which is especially helpful for tracking down Glass Desert exclusive slimes and food. Restoring an oasis is a requirement for the Renewal Achievement.

Can quantum slimes escape corrals?

0.6. 0 – Now Quantum Slimes can still ghost out of their corral, however they will never teleport onto other slimes ‘ corrals, making them much easier to manage.

Can you grow Gilded Ginger?

It is the favored food of Gold Slimes and can be used on a Gordo Snare to attract a Gold Gordo, which cannot otherwise be encountered in Adventure Mode. The Gilded Ginger, as well as the Kookadoba fruit and Spicy Tofu, are unique among Food items in that they cannot be grown in a garden.

What do echoes do in slime rancher?

Called echoes, they are believed to be a phenomenon resulting from some kind of ancient event. Since they are harmless, echoes are often collected by ranchers as good luck charms or used as decorations. Echoes appear regularly in the nooks and crannies of the Ancient Ruins, as well as from Extractors.

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How many Oasis are in the glass desert?

There are 14 oases throughout The Glass Desert, each one within a certain distance of a Fountain, which provides the Ancient Water required to restore them.

How do you make mosaic slime?

They are exclusively found in The Glass Desert. While they may be obtained through snaring its Gordo through Gordo Snares and bursting the wild Mosaic Gordo, they will spawn consistently throughout The Glass Desert when certain oases have been restored.

Where is ancient water in slime rancher?

Ancient Water is a temporary effect granted by vaccing up water from activated Fountains in The Glass Desert. The Water Tank upgrade must be purchased to receive it.

Where is the boom slime statue?

The Boom Statue Your last statue is located right next to the main gate. As you go straight past the Phosphor Statue, you will come to a small stonewall.

How do you get tangle slimes?

Tangle Slimes are a type of slime that is found exclusively in the Glass Desert. In order to get them you will have to grow the oases flowers around the Tangle Slime Gordo. In order to grow all the Oasis Flowers you will need to get the ancient water found to the right of where you entered.

What Plorts are needed for the ancient ruins?

Plorts from six different Slimes – Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Honey, Boom, and Rad – are all required to be shot into their respective Plort Statues to open the gate.

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