How do I put my pet away in black desert?

Put summon spell in hotbar. Press it to dismiss pet.

How do pets work in BDO?

Pets pick up your loot for you and give you added buffs. The higher your pet’s Tier and Level, the faster it will loot and the more buffs it will give. Pets gain Tiers from Pet Exchange (aka Pet Breeding). It’s Talent and Skills, however, will still work, as long as the Pet is out of the Stable.

Can pets die in black desert?

You can buy more from the pearl store or craft/buy food in-game. Check out the hunger section of this guide (below) for more details. In the Pearl Store (F3) you can also buy a cat or dog bed to place in your house. Pets cannot die.

Can other players see your pets BDO?

IF they want to optimize the game more for xbox, atleast give us options to turn off stuff like visible pets, other player effects, screen shake, and other junk we’re forced down our throats to play. You can ‘t see other players pets.

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How do you summon a tamer?

Each time you enter the game, you need to click ” Summon Pet” to let it appear. If you don’t want it accompany you for a while, click “Recall Pet” and it will disappear until be summoned again. Tamer can rename the pet three times at most.

How can I get a free pet from BDO?

These free pets are obtained via completing the main story quests, up to Valencia. 4 Other Free Pets: Other free pets obtainable include a free dog or cat from a Challenge Reward, a rare dragon pet drop, a fox from Deve’s Encyclopedia, and Nouver pet.

What is max level in BDO?

Black Desert Level Cap There is no level cap in Black Desert Online. However, there is what people call a “soft cap”, where it gets to be nearly impossible to obtain a certain level.

How do I heal my mount in BDO?

To heal a mount communicate with it (does not work for donkeys) by standing in front of it and hitting F5. This will increase its HP immediately to some degree and a bit more over a certain short period. The other option is to feed it its specific food (carrots for horses or donkeys for example).

How can I increase my amity in BDO?

You gain Amity primarily by engaging in a conversation with them, which costs energy. Additionally, you can gain amity by waving at them via F1 but that it isn’t very energy efficient. Getting higher Amity with NPCs rewards you.

How do I combine pets in BDO?

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs).

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Where can I get good feed in BDO?

For making good feed you can either use fresh fish or dry your fish through processing and use dry fish. However, I recommend that you have your workers gather dried fish for you from fishing nodes or just buy dried fish from the market. Fishing nodes are located on islands in the sea.

How can I redeem my BDO code?

How To Redeem BDO Codes

  1. Head to the official Black Desert Online site.
  2. Find the Shop tab at the top and click Redeem Code.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Enter the code you want to redeem and click Confirm.
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