How do you start a forgotten desert in Animal Jam?

The Forgotten Desert is one of the newest Animal Jam adventures and is currently only available for members who have eagles. Once you play the adventure you’ll see why! To begin the adventure, go to the Adventures Base Camp or select the adventure from the menu.

How do you get good items in the forgotten desert?

The only way to get good items from the Forgotten Desert is to keep playing it until you do. There is no specific method. Some myths you should ignore are listed below: Ground chests do not lower the chance of a good prize.

What items can you get from the forgotten desert?

Obtainable through the Forgotten Desert

  • Rare Long Spiked Collar.
  • Rare Short Spiked Collar.
  • Tiki Mask.
  • Rare Short Spiked Wristband.
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Can you get a headdress from the forgotten desert 2020?

Non-members can ‘t do The Forgotten Desert, so it will be much harder. Non-members also can ‘t wear headdresses as they are members-only items. You ‘ll get that headdress.

What are the chances of getting a spike in the forgotten desert?

This means there’s a 1/56 chance to get a spike from this adventure.

Can you get a black long in forgotten desert?

Complete other shards in the Forgotten Desert. Open all ground chests just in case as well – it’s very rare, but a black long may actually be rewarded from there too. Yellow, blue, and even white shards also have higher chances of rewarding a black long or other rare spikes.

What is a phantom mask worth?

On October 9, 2017, the Rare version was released in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday for 3,500 Gems. On certain animals, such as the Bunny, the mask appears unusually large compared to that animal’s actual head size.

How do you get good stuff on Animal Jam?

Trading is the most popular way in the Animal Jam game to obtain items of great worth. The concept is simple; one Jammer will select an item from another player’s “Trade List” and choose one to four of their own items to exchange for the other.

Can you get glossy cupid wings in the forgotten desert?

The original Cupid Wings that have a white, glossy shine are often called ” glitched ” or ” glossy “. Prize Availability.

Location Chest Cupid Wings (Newer)
The Forgotten Desert Green Chest Yes
The Forgotten Desert Orange, Blue & White Chests Yes
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Can you get tiki masks in the forgotten desert?


Can you get party hats in the forgotten desert?

You can get them from the blue and silver, not yellow and green though. And yes, to this day you can get spikes from ground chests. They are exactly the same as the regular chests. You can get anything from them.

How much is a head feather worth on Animal Jam?

The Head Feather can be recycled for 30 Gems, which is a ridiculously low amount.

What is a purple short Worth?

purple short collar Worth 8-9 den betas, a blue short collar and add a long/ short wristband, or two bad short collars.

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