Where can I buy a compass in sand grain bazaar?

A villager in Sand Grain Bazaar says there’s someone in Ibellab Oasis who’s very knowledgeable about how to put the compass together. Go to Ibellab Oasis and get the compass parts.

How do I get ancient explorers compass BDO?

▲ You can get the Ancient Explorer’s Compass by placing 3 ‘Part for Explorer’s Compass ‘ in a – shape then combining them. ▲ You can see where Nouver will appear by looking at the World Map.

How do you get parts for Explorer’s compass?

Part for Explorer’s Compass Node Drops

  1. You can get Part for Explorer’s Compass as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes:
  2. Titium Valley in Valencia.
  3. Pila Ku Jail in Valencia.
  4. Roud Sulfur Works in Valencia.
  5. Aakman in Valencia.
  6. Hystria Ruins in Valencia.
  7. Roud Sulfur Mine in Valencia.

Where can I buy Compass BDO?

Obtaining the pieces

  • To get to Hystria Temple or Aakman Temple, you will need to go into the Valencia Desert and look for a portal.
  • Hystria Temple is where you can obtain two of the pieces for the compass.
  • Aakman Temple is where you can obtain one of the pieces for the compass.
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How do I prepare for the BDO desert?

Tips before entering the desert: Craft at least 100+ Purified Water and take plenty of Star Anise Flowers with you for each real-time hour you intend to spend in the desert. Buy tents to keep yourself safe from sandstorms. You can take shovels with you to collect extra water if you run out of Purified Water.

How do you make infinite potions in BDO?

5 Ingredients:

  1. Valtarra’s Clairvoyance (Kamasylvia drop)
  2. Markthanan’s Gland (Drieghan drop)
  3. Narc’s Crimson Tear (Kamasylvia drop) Krogdalo’s Protection Stone = 100x Rumbling Earth Shard. Night Crow’s Dawn Stone = 100x Dragon Scale Fossil.

Where is Aakman Temple BDO?

The Aakman Temple is a dungeon situated under the Great Desert of Valencia and inhabited by the Aakman Tribe. It seems to be of Ancient origin and it’s accessed by various volatile portals around the desert’s surface. The physical entrance is located to the northeast of Sand Grain Bazaar and is blocked.

Where is Nouver in BDO?

Nouver spawns approximately 30 minutes after the system announcement pops up. Set off from Sand Grain Bazaar and keep heading east.

How do camels feed BDO?

Collect Weeds by Gathering dry bushes and wild herbs with your bare hands. Camels mostly eat acacia or briar, but they also need to have some snacks.

What is a good name for a camel?

50 Cute Baby Camel Names

  • Caddie.
  • Browny.
  • Dodo.
  • Emma.
  • Chico.
  • Cherry.
  • Teeny toe.
  • Smiley.

Where is Martha Kiyen BDO?

She is staying at the Bernianto Farm, which is relatively close to the Ruins.

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How do you get to Akman from BDO?

Aakman has potion vendor inside dungeon. The entrances to the Aakman /Hystria dungeons are closed off. The only way to get into these places are to go into the random portals scattered through the desert.

Where is Ibellab Oasis BDO?

This oasis located north to the entrance to the Great Desert is decent sized. This place always bustles with pilgrims, wanderers, adventurers and merchants, and most of them stop by to get some rest before or after crossing the desert.

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