What is a fancy word for dessert?


  • ambrosia.
  • banquet.
  • bonne bouche.
  • dainty.
  • delight.
  • dessert.
  • feast.
  • goody.

How do you describe sweets?

Sugary or sweet means syrupy, candied, sugar coated, honeyed, sweetened, sugared, maybe saccharine; opposite to bitter, unsweetened or sugarless. Tart sharp, sharp-tasting that is, bitter, acid or acidic, harsh, sour taste, just like a lemon. Sweet, honeyed and the like words are the opposite.

How would you describe the smell of dessert?

Sweet smells — cinnamony, faintly-sweet, sugary, honey-like smell, fruity, chocolaty, a baking- cake smell, sweet barbecue smell.

How would you describe a good baker?

Key Traits of the Master Bakers

  • Passion (or Obsession) The truth is that for most of the great bakers of the world passion and obsession are the same thing.
  • Deliberate Practice. Practice makes perfect, so they say.
  • Observation and Experimentation.
  • Ceaseless Refinement.
  • Relentless Pursuit.

How do you compliment a dessert?

  1. The cake was beautiful and so tasty. Working with you was a pleasure!
  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful creation!! It was a real work of art!!
  3. The cake was FANTASTIC!!! I have to tell you, the flavor was out of this world.
  4. [The Discus fish] cake was AMAZING!
  5. The cake was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!
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What is a dessert lover called?

You can say they have a sweet tooth. It isn’t much shorter but it conveys the idea of people who have a craving for sweets. sweet tooth (noun) – a craving or fondness for sweet food Merriam-Webster. “I have a sweet tooth, and if I don’t watch it, I’ll really get fat.

How do you say very sweet?

other words for sweet

  1. delicious.
  2. luscious.
  3. sweetened.
  4. syrupy.
  5. cloying.
  6. honeyed.
  7. saccharine.
  8. toothsome.

What words describe the desert?

Here are some adjectives for desert: dry, extreme, mostly flat and barren, uninhabited, sandy, mostly arid, incredibly dry, salty blue, bleak, unsmiling, treeless, hideous, fearful, dismal, wild and sandy, arid and repulsive, black sweltering, beautiful chromatic, high-pressure upland, bare and greenish, grandiose and

What are good describing words?

Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities — Word List

  • able. abnormal. above average. absent-minded.
  • balanced. beautiful. below average. beneficent.
  • callous. candid. cantankerous. capable.
  • dainty. decisive. deep. deferential.
  • eager. earnest. easy-going.
  • fabulous. fastidious. ferocious.
  • generous. gentle. gloomy.
  • hateful. hearty. helpful.

How would you describe the smell of bacon?

The Maillard reaction is the same process that makes toast toasty and seared meat mouth-wateringly delicious. This reaction contributes the most to the characteristic bacon aroma. Volatile organic compounds from the Maillard reaction are released, so the smell of sizzling bacon drifts through the air.

How do you describe a good smell?

Aromatic – perfumed, fragrant, scented, sweet smelling, pungent, usually pleasing – it is not odorless and unscented. Balmy – having the pleasing fragrance of aromatic balm, mild, pleasant, gentle, soft and not pungent at all. Corky – smelling like cork. Comforting – pleasant aroma.

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How would you describe the smell of pizza?

Each ingredient on its own has its delicious stomach growling smell. The faint meaty smell of Bacon, dominoes unique dough cooked through smells like a bakery, the gooey creamy smell of cheese, and the zesty smell of pepperoni.

What is a female baker called?

Another term that meant the same thing from that time was “bakester”. This latter word referred to female bakers; this is similar to how a “webster” was a female weaver, with the “-ster” ending implying a woman. “Bakester” is also where the surname “Baxter” comes from.

What makes you a baker?

Though the traditional idea of a baker is somebody who works in his own bakery and caters to a local market, nowadays, bakers may also work in specialty shops or restaurants where they produce smaller quantities for consumption at the location itself, or in manufacturing positions where they oversee the production of

What do you call a talented baker?

The general adjective would be dexterous (or dextrous) because you need skilled hands to be good at cooking and baking.

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