Is Desert Treasure hard?

its not really hard.just long. I’ve done it a few times on 1 def/1 prayer accountsit still wasn’t very difficult.but of course the level of difficulty is relative.

Are ice gloves needed for desert treasure?

No, but they’re “useful” if you want to use a weapon.

How long does it take to complete Desert Treasure?

Despite the dungeons, bosses and more going on, it shouldn’t take you more than 4-6 hours. Well-prepared players have been known to finish the quest within a couple of hours, it just depends on how well-fitted you are before heading into it.

Can you complete Desert Treasure 1 prayer?

No, you must do the required quests to start and finish desert treasure which include getting 13 prayer from quest awards. Unless you get a rollback then this is not possible.

What stats do you need for desert treasure?


  • 53 Thieving (Cannot be boosted)
  • 50 Firemaking.
  • 10 Slayer – not required if you have a Gas mask from Plague City.
  • 50 Magic (Cannot be boosted)
  • Completion of the following quests: The Dig Site. Druidic Ritual. Temple of Ikov. The Tourist Trap. Troll Stronghold. Death Plateau. Priest in Peril. Waterfall Quest.
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Should I use desert treasure bosses in NMZ?

Just make sure you protect from magic when Kamil spawns so you can warp him next to you. If you want points, if you want xp then use only 5 bosses without DT. Points yes.

How do you kill dessous Osrs?

Dessous is weak to Magic and Ranged, then Stab. Iban Blast and Trident of the seas/swamp are also effective.

Can I get ice gloves without 50 mining?

Ice gloves are dropped by killing the Ice Queen living inside White Wolf Mountain. A pickaxe is needed to reach the queen in order to mine through some rocks, which requires a Mining level of 50. You do not need to start Heroes’ Quest to obtain the ice gloves.

Can pures get ice gloves Osrs?

Although the Ice Queen is a high level, she is still easy to kill, especially when you are using Protect from Melee. You do not need to start Heroes’ Quest to obtain the ice gloves, and the gloves can be re-obtained as many times as the player wishes. These gloves are obtainable as a skiller: see Ice Queen ยง Fight.

Can you do blast furnace without ice gloves?

Ice gloves or Bucket of water (optional), used at the bar dispenser to cool the heated bars as they come out. If you do not have either, you must wait for the bars to cool before taking them out. Coins to be able to use the blast furnace in designated worlds. It costs 72K gp/hour to be able to use it.

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Do you need 53 Thieving to start desert treasure?

This forms the longest and most tedious requirement of the Desert Treasure quest. The most efficient way to get 53 Thieving will be through a mixture of quests and manual training.

Can thieving be boosted for desert treasure?

Skills/other requirements: 53 Thieving (Cannot Boost )

What thieving level do you need for desert treasure?

Talk to him, and he’ll offer to give you a ring of visibility in return for a gilded cross. Take some food, antipoison, and lockpicks to the Bandit Camp. In the most southern tent in Bandit Camp is a secure chest, requiring 53 Thieving. Use your lockpicks on it until you manage to open it and get a gilded cross.

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