When was Cadillac Desert written?

In 1986, when Mark Reisner published his book Cadillac Desert, I had just begun professing on water management. The book went “viral,” before the word viral had its present-day internet-intoxicated meaning.

Who wrote Cadillac Desert?

Marc Reisner, an environmental writer and advocate best known for his book ”Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water,” died on Friday at his home in San Anselmo, Calif. He was 51.

Did Mulholland do anything illegal?

In 1927, Mulholland declared war, securing L.A.’s legal rights to Owens Valley water with a massive show of armed force. After L.A. had drained so much water from the streams feeding Mono Lake — a jewel in the California desert — the Lake level fell 40 feet. Environmentalists began to take notice.

Where the water goes by David Owen?

The Colorado River is an essential resource for a surprisingly large part of the United States, and every gallon that flows down it is owned or claimed by someone. David Owen traces all that water from the Colorado’s headwaters to its parched terminus, once a verdant wetland but now a million-acre desert.

How much of Chinatown is true?

And unlike so many movies which claim to be, the story of this critically acclaimed film noir is almost entirely true. The real -life plot was a story of intrigue and chicanery worthy of the film it inspired, although fortunately there’s less incest in the reality of California’s one-sided “water wars.”

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Who lives in Mulholland Drive?

On Mulholland Drive you’ll find at 6342 the home of Madonna, 12721 John Lennon, 12850 Jack Nicolson, 12900 Marlon Brando, 13511 the former home of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and a 12671 Warren Beatty.

Who brought water to California?

In March 1928, Mulholland’s career came to an end when the St. Francis Dam failed just over 12 hours after he and his assistant gave it a safety inspection.

William Mulholland
Years active 1878–1929
Employer Bureau of Water Works and Supply
Known for Building the water system of Los Angeles
Successor Harvey Van Norman

Where did the water go book?

Book Review: ‘Where The Water Goes,’ By David Owen In Where the Water Goes, David Owen uses the history of the Colorado River to lay out the immense complexity of America’s water situation, reminding us that both water and time are finite resources.

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