What’s wrong with Rachel’s arm in Barbados?

Jennifer Aniston cut her arm while filming the episode. As a result, she can be seen wearing a bandage in some of the scenes.

Why is Rachel so selfish in friends?

She left Barry at altar. If she did not love him or did not want to spend her life with him, then she should have figured it out before their wedding day. Leaving a person like that makes her kind of selfish. After seeing Ross with Julie, she constantly behaved bad with Julie.

What is Rachels catchphrase in friends?

Rachel’s long, drawn-out “Noooo!!” when receiving bad news became her catchphrase. In “The One With The Ride-Along”, when Rachel shows Monica the message Emily left for Ross on his answering machine, they say each other’s catchphrases.

Why does Rachel not remember Chandler?

4 Answers. The usual explanation is that Rachel and Chandler simply didn’t recognize each other. However: it is highly unlikely that Rachel wouldn’t remember a guy that was the reason of Monica loosing weight, that she was in ER with after he lost a tip of his toe and that she was kissing on a college party.

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Whats wrong with Jennifer Anistons arm in the Barbados episode?

Jennifer Aniston had an injured arm during the filming of this episode and was wearing an ace bandage during filming. She was wearing a bandage on her left wrist in “The One With The Soap Opera Party”.

Did Joey sleep with Rachel?

No, they didn’t. In the episode “Friends” The One with Ross’s Tan (TV Episode 2003), they tried but one thing after another kept happening to prevent their sexual encounter from happening, including Rachel accidentally kneeing Joey.

Why is Rachel Green hated?

Everyone likes to think that they are funny like Chandler or a ditsy like Phoebe, but we all know that Rachel is the one because her character portrayed the qualities that we don’t like about ourselves. A selfish one. Though people have been nice to her, she was always spiteful to them (Julie, Charlie etc.)

Why is Rachel bad?

Rachel is considered evil because she betrayed Baam who is the main protagonist of the story and since we view things from Baam perspective she is evil and selfish since she doesnt follow his ideals imo.

Why is Joey the worst friends character?

He was selfish. He constantly stole food from Monica’s apartment, but wouldn’t share his food, not even with his friends. He used Chandler. It is well chronicled that Chandler supported Joey, both financially and emotionally throughout his career by going over lines, encouraging him and being supportive on auditions.

What does the elbow thing in friends mean?

Ross developed a method of showing how finger to his parents without actually showing them. It was done by bumping the fists together. By bumping his elbows, he is actually showing his finger to everyone in the room.

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What is Rachel Green’s birthday?

Rachel Green: Taurus Rachel’s Birthday is set at May 5, 1969, and seems to get an in-proportionate amount of attention in the show. “Her birthday is May 5th.

What is Monica’s catchphrase?

And here’s Cox’s beloved Monica saying “I know!” ― repeatedly.

Why is Chandler so thin in Season 3?

Originally Answered: Why is Chandler so thin in season 3? Because that time he was battling a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. Originally Answered: Why is Chandler so thin in season 3? He lost 20 pounds due to pancreatis, and he was also battling an addiction to Vicodin for about 3 years.

Why did Chandler get so skinny in Season 7?

Matthew Perry suffered from pancreatitis in 2000 (before 7th season ) and lost 20 pounds. That’s why he looked different in the beginning of season 7.

Did Chandler have a crush on Rachel?

[Friends] Chandler was secretly in love with Rachel before he went out with Monica. After Chandler and Monica get together in Season 5, there’s barely any Chandler and Rachel storylines, whilst Season 4 has quite a few, and many of them point towards Chandler being in love/ having a crush on her.

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