What is a Viennese dessert table?

noun. a dessert buffet, as at a reception, featuring a variety of fancy cakes, tarts, mousses, etc.

What is a dessert table at a wedding called?

If you’ve started meeting with caterers while wedding planning, you may have heard of a Viennese hour. Similar to a sweets table, a Viennese table is another type of dessert buffet. While sometimes they take the place of traditional wedding cake, these spreads are more often supplementary.

What is a Viennese hour?

According to Insideweddings.com “The Viennese hour typically occurs after the cake has been cut. It is meant to be an opulent and lavish display of just about every dessert item imaginable with the idea that it will not run out while your guests enjoy the offerings.”

What is a dessert table?

what is a dessert table anyway? Specifically, a Sweet Stylings Sugar Bar dessert table is a collection of highly styled and designed desserts put together in an artful display usually on a table or set up as a “station” in which people can select and sample these sweets.

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What goes on a dessert table?

Elements of a Dessert Table

  • Create Symmetry. The most striking and easiest dessert tables to style are symmetrical.
  • Serve With White.
  • An Array of Desserts.
  • Cake Pops.
  • Edible Image Cookies.
  • Sunny Rock Candy.
  • Fabulous French Macaroons.
  • Fondant Flower.

What dessert is Vienna famous for?

Some sweet Viennese dishes include Apfelstrudel (strudel pastry filled with apples), Millirahmstrudel (milk-cream strudel), Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes served with fruit compotes), and Sachertorte (cake of two layers of chocolate cake with apricot jam in the middle).

What desserts are served at a wedding reception?

  • Monogram Cream Tart Cake.
  • Banana Pudding Parfaits.
  • Pink Champagne Truffles.
  • Champagne Chantilly Shooters.
  • Sprinkled Strawberry Whoopie Pies.
  • Blackberry Wine Hand Pies.
  • Cheese Wheel Cake With Fruit.
  • Chocolate Stout Cake Pops.

How much does a wedding dessert table cost?

Total cost for 100 guests would be approximately $940 240 dessert pieces (60 “sets”) – $705 for desserts. An 8″ cake will serve around 20 guests, so you will need desserts to serve 80 guests.

How do you do a dessert table at a wedding?

A good rule of thumb from Sweet and Saucy Shop is:

  1. For a table full of mini- desserts (no cake ), allocate about 3-4 mini- desserts per person.
  2. You don’t want to overwhelm guests with options, so choose 2-3 more options than what you’re allotting per guests.

What does Viennese mean?

noun, plural Vi·en·nese. a native or inhabitant of Vienna.

What is the traditional food in Vienna?

The classics of Viennese cuisine

  • The Wiener Schnitzel. The Wiener Schnitzel – a breaded and fried veal escalope.
  • Sachertorte (Sacher Cake) In 1832, Prince Metternich asked his court kitchen to create a special dessert for a reception.
  • Tafelspitz (boiled beef )
  • Apfelstrudel ( Apple Strudel )
  • Kaiserschmarren.
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What is Vietnamese hour at a wedding?

Vietnamese are notorious for being late. Your invitation will say 6pm but reception will not start until 7:30pm. Just think that 6pm is the start of the cocktail hour. Vietnamese use this time for the groom and bride to take a posed photo with their guests as the guests enter the wedding venue.

How many items should be in a dessert table?

A good rule of thumb is 1 or 2 really special items (which could be bought), 2-3 home made desserts and then 2-3 candy items which can be purchased.

How do you display a dessert table?

How to Set Up a Dessert Table

  1. Choose your space wisely. Place your dessert table against a plain wall or a window with a view.
  2. Harmonize Colors.
  3. Design your backdrop.
  4. Design with height in mind.
  5. Serve mini desserts.
  6. Display candy with Apothecary Jars.
  7. Add Floral Decor.
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