What is the most popular Ateez ship?

  • WooSang (Yeosang × Wooyoung) 9%, 5854 votes.
  • Hongi (Hongjoong × Mingi) 9%, 5267 votes.
  • SeongSan (Seonghwa × San) 8%, 5155 votes.
  • YunSang (Yunho × Yeosang) 4%, 2492 votes.
  • YunJong (Yunho × Jongho) 4%, 2434 votes.
  • Jongi (Mingi × Jongho) 3%, 1961 vote.
  • HongSan (Hongjoong × San) 3%, 1692 votes.
  • JongSan (San × Jongho) 2%, 961 vote.

What university did Ateez go to?

Incheon POSCO High School (Graduated) Global Cyber University Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment (Enrolling)

What happened Yunho Ateez?

The K-pop singer will be taken to a hospital, according to the group’s staff. Further details about his health status have not been released yet. Fans are using the hashtag #GetWellSoonYunho to wish the artist a fast recovery.

Who is the cutest in Ateez?

Wooyoung, another member who also competed in Mix Nine, said during a 2019 interview with Forbes that Hongjoong was the cutest member of the group and liked to butt into conversations he knew nothing about. As leader, vocalist and rapper with the group, Hongjoong also writes music and lyrics for Ateez’s tracks.

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Who speaks English in Ateez?

Hongjoong and San are the two members that seem the most fluent, Hongjoong with his vocabulary and San with his pronunciation which is perfect. The other members have improved hugely, and most of their fan signs have English fans speaking full English conversations with them.

What is the most popular ship in ITZY?

  • YeLia (Yeji × Lia) 15%, 11255 votes.
  • RyuNa (Ryujin × Yuna) 9%, 6878 votes.
  • ChaeLia (Lia × Chaeryeong) 8%, 6081 vote.
  • ChaeRyu (Ryujin × Chaeryeong) 8%, 5935 votes.
  • ChaeJi (Yeji × Chaeryeong) 5%, 3695 votes.
  • YuLia (Lia × Yuna) 4%, 3036 votes.
  • YeNa (Yeji × Yuna) 3%, 2529 votes.
  • Other (comment below) 2%, 1442 votes. 1442 votes 2%

What is Hongjoong full name?

Kim Hong Joong (김홍중; born Nov 7, 1998), simply known as Hongjoong, is a South Korean composer, leader, and rapper of the kpop boy group Ateez under KQ Entertainment. He is also a former contestant of the surivival show Mix Nine. Hongjoong debuted with Ateez on October 24, 2018.

Is mingi mixed?

Mingi Bio, Age & Family He was born in Incheon, South Korea. He holds Korean nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Who in Ateez is rich?

How rich is he, as of now? Choi Jong-ho Net Worth. Choi Jong-ho’s net worth is over $300,000, acquired through his involvement in the music industry, during which he has released a number of albums, EPs, and singles with ‘ ATEEZ ‘. He’s also increased his fortune through various appearances in reality shows.

Why did mingi leave Ateez?

Mingi went on hiatus last November due to psychological anxiety, and he has been focusing on treatment. ATEEZ recently hinted at a comeback with a teaser photo shared along with the date of March 1, and KQ Entertainment announced on February 5 that Mingi will be remaining on hiatus during the group’s comeback.

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Who is Yunho’s brother?

Yunho Facts: –He has a younger brother named Gunho. –He was born at 10:32 pm.

Did Ateez disband?

wit – Ateez disbanding after their upcoming comback.

Is Ateez the next BTS?

Ateez is not the “ next BTS.” Ateez are their own seperate group.

Who is the least biased member in Ateez?

I don’t understand why but according to kprofiles site Yunho is the least biased one(He was second least biased ) and I am in real shock. Because I think on youtube he is popular(not like San or Mingi but popular) And I think he deserves more appreciate.

Who is the funniest Ateez member?

In your opinion, who is the funniest member?

  • Seonghwa. 7.0%
  • Mingi/Yunho. 38.0%
  • Wooyoung/Hongjoong. 11.3%
  • San. 32.4%
  • Yeosang/Jongho. 11.3%
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