What does dessert mean?

1: a usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice cream) usually served at the end of a meal. 2 British: a fresh fruit served after a sweet course.

Is it le dessert or La Dessert?

Le désert in spoken French is the desert, the empty expanse of sand. Think of le désert du Sahara “the Sahara desert.” The proper word for dessert is le dessert with an “s” sound and no accent on the first e. Notice that the French and English words have exactly the same spelling.

What do French people call pudding?


From To Via
• pudding → pouding pudding ↔ pudding
• pudding → puréepotée ↔ Brei
• pudding → pudding pouding ↔ Pudding

Is cake a French word?

The French word for cake is E.g. le gâteau.

What is the purpose of dessert?

According to food scientist Steven Witherly, our appetite fades after we eat too much of the same type of food. A dessert course tricks our brain into wanting more food. “As we eat the savory course, we rapidly reduce our hunger pangs and become full — the pleasure of the first course has passed (savory and hot).

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What is Dessert spelled backwards?

DANBURY – If you didn’t know that the word stressed is actually the word desserts spelled backwards, you may be interested in a wellness talk in mid-October by an author and motivational speaker.

Is salad masculine or feminine in French?

Salad is la salade in French, a feminine noun.

Is L addition feminine or masculine?

addition noun, feminine (plural: additions f) Les additions sont représentées par le symbole plus.

Is Annee masculine or feminine in French?

As you are probably aware, French has two words for year: the masculine word an and the feminine word année.

What is the most popular dessert in France?

1. Crème brûlée. This custard based dessert is topped with a layer of crunchy caramel. The dessert is popular all over the world, but it originated in France, making it a must-try for anyone who’s traveling through.

What does pudding mean in French?

More French words for pudding. le pudding noun. pudding.

What is a famous French dessert?

10 Top Classic French Dessert Recipes

  • 01 of 10. Pears Belle Helene. The Spruce.
  • 02 of 10. Apple Tarte Tatin. Ben Monk / Getty Images.
  • 03 of 10. Cherry Clafoutis. The Spruce / Regis Vincent.
  • 04 of 10. Babas au Rhum.
  • 05 of 10. Orangettes.
  • 06 of 10. Chocolate Mousse.
  • 07 of 10. Crème au Caramel.
  • 08 of 10. Lemon Tart.

How do you say egg in French?

‘Oeuf, oeufs’ *(m) is French for ‘ egg, eggs ‘. Although you pronounce the ‘f’ in the singular, you do not say it in the plural ‘oeufs’.

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Which one is a French word for cake?

The word in French for cake is gâteau.

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