How do I help Fiona Chrono Trigger?

To revive the forest the player must defeat the monsters in the Sunken Desert near Fiona’s Villa, which only appears after the player convinces the Zeal Plant Woman to plant her seed. After defeating Melphyx in the Sunken Desert Robo will offer to stay with Fiona and help her restore the forest.

Where is the sunken desert?

– Doing this will make the Sunken Desert appear in 600 AD. You’ll find it in the desert north of Porre, a short walk from Fiona’s Villa. Don’t enter without at least one character capable of using Water magic (Marle, Frog, or Magus).

Can you save Lucca’s mom?

Approach the machine that Lucca’s mom is stuck in and you will be prompted to enter a combination of keys with your controller. The password is the name of Lucca’s mother, so press the buttons “L,” “A,” R” and “A” on your controller. Once the machine is turned off, Lucca’s mom will be saved.

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How do you beat Retinite Chrono Trigger?

Game Notes Use Wtr elementals to lower defenses and then attack with non-elemental attacks. Repeat this to defeat him. Destroy the core later, because he goes crazy when it’s gone.

How do you get out of sunken desert Chrono Trigger?

Once Melphyx is dead, time to escape the Sunken Desert. Be sure to get the Magic Capsule from the first room before you leave. Talk to Fiona, and she thanks you for killing the monsters, but she thinks it might take ages to revive the woods. If Robo is in the party, he wants to stay, and help Fiona out.

How do you get the Sunstone in Chrono Trigger?

Go to the Mayor’s Manor in 1000 A.D. and talk to the now-generous Mayor, who will give you the not-yet-fully-charged Moon Stone. Fly to the Sun Keep in this era, and check on the spot to leave the stone there. Put Lucca in your party and go to Sun Keep 2300 A.D. Get the fully-charged Sun Stone.

How do you beat Melphyx?

User Info: Alltra. Bring Frog or Marle into the group with you so you can use Water/Ice magic to weaken Melphyx defense and actually cause damage. Aside from that, equiping the Black Plate/Vest on characters helps alot as well, but isn’t necessary if you can keep up with the healing.

How old is Lucca from Chrono Trigger?


Lucca Ashtear
Age 19
Weapon Type Gun, hammer
Magical Element Fire
Family Taban Ashtear (Father) Lara Ashtear(Mother) Kid (adopted little sister) Banta(ancestor)
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How do you get the rainbow shell in Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger edit | edit source The Rainbow Shell is a very colorful very large shell that can be forged into many useful and durable items. It can be found in Giant’s Claw in Middle Ages after the defeat of the Rust Tyranno.

How much HP does Magus have in Chrono Trigger?


6666 15

How do you kill Retinite?

Core. Final Fantasy Chronicles Strategy: Use water elementals to lower defenses and then attack wtih non-elemental attacks. Repeat this to defeat him. Destroy the core later, because he goes crazy when it’s gone.

What is the black omen?

The Black Omen is a floating perversion of the Ocean Palace raised by Queen Zeal in 12000 B.C., and the most difficult and well-guarded area in the world of Chrono Trigger. Once it appears, it is present in every future era unless defeated.

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