How does BDO enhancement work?

▲ The more you fail, the higher your breakthrough chance. Fundamentally, you build up stacks to recoup the penalty of your enhancement attempts. The amount of durability lost when an enhancement fails is the same whether the gear used is cheap or expensive, given the enhancement level is held constant.

How do you get better gear in Black Desert online?

To enhance any piece of equipment, summon your Black Spirit then click “ Enhancement ”. Right-click your gear and a Blackstone then click “Enhance“. You can also click the Black Stone in your inventory to open up the Enhancement window directly.

Can you force enhance to Tet?

Once the Caphras Energy Level reaches 20, the gear can be Force Enhanced. For example, for a TET Dandelion, 180 Caphras Stones are needed to increase the Caphras Energy Level from 0 to 1. To increase the Level from 1 to 2, 300 Caphras Stones are required.

What do black gems enhance?

Black Gems were introduced into BDO with the Life Mastery patch on 9-4-19. They are used to enhance Life Mastery Accessories and Life Mastery Clothes. Note that Life Mastery Tools are enhanced by Black Stone (Weapon) and not Black Gems. Black Gems are unique because they don’t use the traditional Failstack system.

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How do valks cry in BDO?

Valks ‘ Cry will be obtainable through the Loyalty shop for 100 Loyalty each. A maximum of 5 Valk’s Cry items can be purchased in the Loyalty shop per week.

How do I get BDO 2020 Failstacks?

To purposefully build a failstack, purchase cheap Reblath Shoes sold by Tranan Underfoe in Velia. Then gather up some Black Stone (Armor). Right click the stone and click to enhance. Keep going until you have a failstack of 22.

How can I increase my permanent enhancement chance BDO?

  1. Permanent Enhancement Chance. You can gain up to +4 permanent fail stacks by completing the Rulupee’s Travel Log.
  2. Valks Ehancement Chance. You can gain up to 10 FS by using Valks Cry.
  3. Getting FS using scrolls (Advice of Valks)
  4. Getting FS by failing enhancement intentionally.

How do you gain accessories in black desert?

If you need to enhance and item but don’t want to use your fail stacks, I recommend you to use an alternative character to build failstacks. To be able to enhance any piece of equipment, you need to summon your Black Spirit and then click on ” Enhancement ”.

How do you improve in black desert?

To start Enhancement with Caphras, visit Black Spirit > Enhancement > “Caphras Enhancement ”. 100% Enhancement Chance via Caphras Stones: When your gear reaches level 20, you can increase its Enhancement level by 1. Make sure your item is at 100% Max Durability and click the ‘ Upgrade Enhancement ‘ button.

How do you make a 100 Failstack?

Questing / Bartali adventure. I’ve done bartali adventure for that 100 stack already. The only and best way is probably to smack TRI -> TET boss gear or green TET->PEN until you reach 90. If it goes to TET/PEN then you either can, sell it for money, smack it for pen on future stack, use it, or put on alts.

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Is Blackstar or Kzarka better?

Blackstar Weapon Benefits: 1 more AP on the high range than Kzarka. 1 more Speed than Offin Tett. 18 more Accuracy than Offin Tett.

How many crons Tet BDO?

You round it up to 4,965,000,000 then divide by 100,000,00 which will give you 49.65. Times this by 20 and it will tell you that you will need approximately 993 Cron Stones for each attempt. Cron Stone Energy guide.

Enhancement Level Cron Stone Energy Required per Level
TET 3, 8, 16, 30
PEN 5, 13, 27, 50


How do I get rid of Caphras experience?

Visit the Blacksmith to remove the Caphras from your gear. 95% of the Caphras Stone used to enhance the equipment will be returned. Enhancement level of the equipment will remain the same even if you extract Caphras from it.

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