How do you get another pet in Black Desert Mobile?

But players can also buy pets through the market. However, it’s rarely available and many other players are snapping the item when it’s available, it cost around 2,000,000 Silver. To buy a pet, just go to the Pet menu and click the Get Pet button.

How do you get free pets on Black Desert Mobile?

1. When starting the game, within the first 10 minutes of playing, you will be offered to pick a free pet. You can pick either the Mischievous Dog or the Brown Cat. They both will be given to you as a tier 1 pet.

How do you breed pets in BDO?

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs).

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Can pets die BDO?

You can buy more from the pearl store or craft/buy food in-game. Check out the hunger section of this guide (below) for more details. In the Pearl Store (F3) you can also buy a cat or dog bed to place in your house. Pets cannot die.

How can I get a free pet from BDO?

These free pets are obtained via completing the main story quests, up to Valencia. 4 Other Free Pets: Other free pets obtainable include a free dog or cat from a Challenge Reward, a rare dragon pet drop, a fox from Deve’s Encyclopedia, and Nouver pet.

How can I sell my pet in BDO?

You go to the marketplace or storage as if you would sell a normal item, then you press your pearl tab in your inventory, right click the bird. They instantly sell, so you’d likely put it for max price, then confirm and it goes up after 1-2 min.

How do you get a Tier 2 Pet in Black Desert Mobile?

You need to fuse 2 pets of the same type and tier, but it’s not a guarantee it succeeds. The higher the tier you go for, the more chance it’ll fail and you just lose a pet. They don’t have to be the same type or level.

Which pet should I buy in BDO?

The best pet in BDO is determined by how you like to play. The Hedgehog pet is very powerful for people who like the Life Skill of Gathering and want to progress into other Life Skills. The Hedgehog has a chance to gather twice for the same amount of Energy.

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Where can I buy pet food in black desert?

On where to purchase pet food, you can buy pet food from stable keepers. Some stable keepers do not sell pet food, unfortunately. You have to interact with the stable keeper, click the store icon, and purchase the feeds you need for your pet.

Where do I spend black pearls in Black Desert Mobile?

Recommended Purchases. The most important purchase to make the early game is your pet. The first 400 Black Pearls you save up should be spent on the Skinny Black Cat. After your pet, the second thing you should consider purchasing is Chicken Soup Chests.

Do pets grow in BDO?

sadly no pets don’t grow up and change. they do level but that doesn’t change there physical appearance. Breeding gets cats with more varied looks, and a cash shop item lets you set the look.

How do you get a pet dragon in BDO?

You can get the Young Red Dragon Pet by turning in Garmoth’s Horn to NPC Garrison in Duvencrune. Garmoth’s Horn can be looted from World Boss Garmoth in Drieghan, and NPC Garrison will give you a Dragon Egg Fossil if you give him the horn.

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