How do you get silver in black desert?

Black Desert Online: Best Ways To Make Silver

  1. 3 Alchemy.
  2. 4 Farming.
  3. 5 Bartering.
  4. 6 Marketplace Flipping.
  5. 7 Worker Empires.
  6. 8 Horse Breeding.
  7. 9 NPC Trading.
  8. 10 AFK Fishing. This is by far the simplest borderline-free method of earning silver in the game.

Can you buy silver in BDO?

Black Desert Online Silver Black Desert Silver or silver coins are the main in-game currency in Black Desert Online ( BDO ) game. You can acquire BDO silver from grinding mobs, doing quests, selling items, from trading or investing.

How do you farm Silver in Black Desert Mobile?

Daily Quests and Tasks Doing your daily quests in Black Desert Mobile is another great way of earning some silver coins. Completing all your daily quests will give you around 60000 silver coins. In addition to that, you will also gain some ancient gold coins, black pearls, gold tokens, etc.

How can I get rich in BDO?


  1. A lot of silver depending on your spot and clear speed.
  2. Drop only accessories and armor.
  3. Rare Items.
  4. Combat EXP.
  5. Contribution Points (If you do daily quests)

How can I sell silver in BDO?

How to Sell Black Desert Online Silver for Real Money?

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Upload your offers and rates through our system.
  3. Once a buyer purchases your BDO silver, deliver the currency to the buyer.
  4. After the buyer receives the silver, wait for the payment to be sent and get paid.
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What is BDO silver worth?

Buy & Sell Black Desert Silver – BDO Currency Market

Quantity Discount Price
1200M 1%($0.34) $33.26

Can you give silver to other players BDO?

The only way its somewhat possible is if you are in the same guild, That got funds. For example everyone in the guild gets t2 payout, you friend decides you give up his payout to make yours t4 instead, basically giving his money to you that he would have been given in the payout.

Where should I grind BDO?

Best Grinding Spots

  • Recommended Grinding Spots For Newer Players.
  • Star’s End 261+ AP, 309+ DP.
  • Sycraia Underwater Ruins 269+ AP, 330+ DP.
  • Abandoned Monastery 269+ AP, 330+ DP.
  • Kratuga 245+ AP. 309+ DP.
  • Hystria Ruins 245+ AP, 301+ DP.
  • Aakman 245+ AP, 301+ DP.
  • Manshaum Forest 230+ AP, 258+ DP.
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