When served as a dessert in the Spanish speaking world cream cheese is usually accompanied by ?

The answer is: A. Marmalade is a preserved food made with citrus that are boiled together with the combination of water and sugar. It is very popular because it is high in energy, vitamins, and it has a long aging process. They usually served the marmalade and cream cheese along with breads.

What is the word for the last meal of the day in Spanish?

last último
meal la comida
of de
the el la
day el día

Which option best completes the following sentence guayaba and membrillo are both words for A?

Right answer: Guayaba is a fruit and translates into guava.

What is the correct way to say I want chicken in Spanish?

Yo quiero pollo. Is the correct pronunciation.

What is the Spanish word for hen?

hen la gallina
chicken el pollo
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