What do you display on a cake stand?

If you want to decorate cake stands with candles, the key is to gather your favorite candles in varying sizes and shapes. Place them on your cake stand and it makes such a beautiful display! Add in some fresh flowers and it will pull everything together.

What can I use for a cake stand?

Use a scalloped pie or tart pan: If you love cake stands with frilly edges, try using a tart, quiche or wavy-edged pie pan as the top of your cake stand. Just pick up an inexpensive candlestick holder at your local dollar store for the base and paint it to match whatever color your pie pan is.

What else can I use a cupcake stand for?

What You Can Do With a Wilton Cupcake Stand:

  • Truffles on Cupcake Stand – this is so very pretty!
  • Party Favors – what a way to think outside the box!
  • Votive Candle Holder – I really love this idea!
  • Christmas Tree – This is such an awesome edible Christmas Tree full of ornaments.

How do you cover a cake on a cake stand?

Gently drape one half of the plastic over the cake, letting it rest on the toothpicks. Then drape the other half over and tuck the edges under the cake’s plate. If your plate is a little wider than the plastic wrap, criss-cross the plastic as you drape it to create some overlap.

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How do you display small desserts?

Wood boxes, hat boxes, crates can all be used as risers to hold small treats or trays of sweets. Cake stands can hold more than just cakes. Place bite size desserts on them, or mini parfaits and drink shots.

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