What do you serve at a dessert reception?

How to Plan a Dessert Reception

  • Mini Lemon Cream Pies. Starting off with something TRULY adorable is a must!
  • Bite-size Pumpkin Funnel Cake Crispies.
  • Easy Cake Batter Truffles.
  • Chocolate Dipped Biscotti.
  • Roasted Grape Pavlova Bites.
  • Lemon Marshmallows Squares.
  • Pink Heart Meringue Cookies.
  • Mini Frosted Doughnuts.

What is a cake reception?

Really, the concept of a Cake & Punch reception is this: instead of serving your guests a full sit down meal or even a buffet, you provide light snacks and dessert with a few beverages. Spend your cash on a pretty cutting cake if you want a picture, and then get a sheet cake to serve your peeps.

Do you serve dessert at a wedding?

Dessert Is Usually Served as Final Course of a Sit-Down Dinner. ” Dessert may be served as the final course of a sit-down dinner, or it may be presented shortly following the dinner in the form of an action station or buffet,” says Isabel Rokeach, event planner at Michelle Leo Events.

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What do you put in a dessert bar?

Here are some DIY dessert bar ideas: S’mores: Set up DIY S’mores ingredients including marshmallows, different flavoured chocolate squares, cookies or Graham crackers and wooden skewers. Provide candles or Sterno cans as a small heat source where everyone can roast their own S’mores marshmallows.

How many items should be in a dessert table?

A good rule of thumb is 1 or 2 really special items (which could be bought), 2-3 home made desserts and then 2-3 candy items which can be purchased.

What is the cheapest wedding dessert?

You can offer fruit pies, chocolate pies or even pie-inspired desserts like crisps and cobblers. If you’re worried about feeding people whose sweet tooths don’t lean toward cake, pies are a great substitute. If you want to make it personal, some bakers can make a family recipe and serve it at your wedding.

Is it OK to only serve cake at wedding reception?

If you’re planning to get a wedding cake that’s large enough to feed all of your guests, then it’s okay to offer just one dessert option. This can be a money saver, depending on how large your guest count is and how you choose to have your cake decorated.

Is a cake and punch reception tacky?

Definitely not tacky. As with any wedding stuff, just make sure everyone knows up-front what the reception will entail (” Cake and punch reception to follow” on the invitations, and give details to your chattiest relatives and let them spread the word) and people will choose whether or not to attend.

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How long should a cake and punch reception last?

A ceremony followed by a simple 2 hour cake and punch reception is a perfectly proper celebration for a wedding on a budget.

What goes on a wedding dessert table?

Fill a table with chocolate-dunked goodies like Rice Krispies bars and caramel apples. Or have a chocolate fountain with dippers like fruit skewers, bite-size brownies and soft pretzels (for that delectable salty-sweet combo). And if chocolate brown doesn’t fit your wedding palette, choose a different hue.

How many desserts should you have at a wedding?

We normally recommend 3-4 mini desserts per person if your guests aren’t eating a slice of cake. As far as options go, you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too many choices so we typically say only do 2-3 more options than the amount you are allotting each guest.

How much should you spend on dessert for a wedding?

Average of $4 per guest Desserts are a little different to budget for since they are based more on your guest count. In the Knot’s survey they found the average spend to be $582 on wedding cake and the average wedding guest count at 141. That averages out to about $4 per serving.

How do you make a dessert buffet?

Plan a menu with a variety of desserts that are both chocolate and non-chocolate. Bake ahead and freeze desserts if possible. Serve smaller items so that guests can taste many different bites. Take help from the store and friends/family, don’t try and make everything yourself.

How many desserts do I need for a dessert table?

For a table full of mini- desserts (no cake), allocate about 3-4 mini- desserts per person. You can take this down to 1-2 mini- desserts per person if you’re also having cake. You don’t want to overwhelm guests with options, so choose 2-3 more options than what you’re allotting per guests.

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