What dessert did they eat in Cathedral?

Cathedral Window Gelatin is a show-stopping dessert masterpiece perfect for the holidays. Soft, creamy and silky with colorful gelatin, it’s as amazing as it looks!

How did the wife know the blind man in Cathedral?

He explains that his wife met the blind man ten years ago when she worked for him as a reader to the blind in Seattle. He says that on the last day of her job there, the blind man touched her face and she wrote a poem about the experience.

What surprises the narrator about Robert in Cathedral?

Robert smokes enough to fill an ashtray. This surprises the narrator because he “read somewhere that the blind didn’t smoke because […] they couldn’t see the smoke they exhaled” (1.43).

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What is the plot of Cathedral by Raymond Carver?

Cathedral is a short story written by Raymond Carver. This story was included in the ‘Best American Short Stories’ (1982). It’s the story of how a man’s perspective about blind people changes dramatically when he meets an extraordinary blind man who introduces him to a new realm of experience.

Why isn’t the narrator happy that Robert is coming?

Robert’s wife has recently died, and he’s coming to visit the narrator and his wife. The narrator isn’t happy about this. He thinks blind people are sad and depressing. She told him she wasn’t happy with her life as an officer’s wife.

Why does the blind man tell the narrator to close his eyes while he is drawing?

He asks the narrator to close his eyes while he draws in order to help him free his imagination from the confines of line and shape so he can feel the essence or spirit of the cathedral. By not looking at the lines being drawn on the paper, the narrator isn’t limited by the image he is drawing.

Did the narrator love his wife?

The narrator is extremely focused on his wife throughout the story, and seems grounded in the role of husband. While he doesn’t seem happy in his marriage, he does seem to love and admire his wife. He tells us the intimate details of her life, but he doesn’t tell us anything that would make us not like her.

What does the blind man call the narrator?

Carver also gives the blind man at least one identifying speech habit. He keeps calling the narrator “Bub.” There is no great significance to this; it just helps to characterize Robert and helps the reader remember him.

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How does Carver characterize the narrator?

The narrator His characterization is conveyed indirectly, through his thoughts and attitude. He is a developing character, as his perspective on Robert and blindness changes at the end of the short story.

What does the narrator realize at the end of Cathedral?

He shows the reader that he thinks that a blind person would be substantially different from sighted people, and he is nervous about how to interact with one. Many of his comments indicate that he can’t imagine navigating the world without sight and that he is nervous to try to do so.

What does the narrator think of blind people in Cathedral?

Hover for more information. The narrator freely admits in the first paragraph of Raymond Carver’s short story that his impression of what blind people are like came from he movies. He perceived blind people to be slow movers, often led by seeing-eye dogs. He also believed that blind people never laughed.

What is the significance of the narrator and Robert drawing a cathedral at the end of the story?

The cathedral that the narrator draws with Robert represents true sight, the ability to see beyond the surface to the true meaning that lies within. Before the narrator draws the cathedral, his world is simple: he can see, and Robert cannot.

What is the main conflict in Cathedral?

The primary conflict in “Cathedral ” is the narrator’s interior conflict over his feelings of loneliness, prejudice, and inferiority.

What is the point of view of Cathedral?

In “ Cathedral ”, Raymond Carver utilizes the first person point of view so the reader can view the change in the narrator’s perception of the blind man, through different situations that happens throughout the story.

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What does the cathedral symbolize?

The cathedral symbolizes to both the blind man and the narrator in Raymond Carver’s “ Cathedral ” the possibility to apprehend a whole new dimension of reality. Through drawing the cathedral with Robert, the narrator is able to gain a glimpse into a completely different world, one that he’d previously never seen.

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