How do I use the camera in black desert online?

  1. Shift + Down / Up Arrow Keys. Camera zoom in / out.
  2. Shift + Left / Right. Camera tilt.
  3. Ctrl + Down / Up. Depth of field strength, must be enabled first through screen setting.
  4. Ctrl + Left / Right. Depth of field area.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + Left. Look at camera toggle.
  6. Ctrl + Shift + Right. Vignette.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + Down / Up.
  8. U.

Is there a camera mode in BDO?

Contrary to most games BDO does not just have a basic screenshot function (hit the “Print Screen”) button but it has a fully fledged ” photo mode ” that allows one to change perspective, camera height and angle and even viewing distance and focus for a picture.

How do I fix Black Desert online resolution?

Black Desert Online resetting desktop resolution due to downsampling

  1. Go to in-game settings.
  2. Go to ‘Display Settings’
  3. Under ‘Game Window’ you will select your desire resolution under ‘Screen Resolution Scaling’ that matches your desktop resolution.

Where are BDO screenshots?

Screenshot Location Click Documents in the left panel (usually under Quick access ) Open the Black Desert folder (maybe be named BDO, Black Desert Online or something similar) Finally, go into the Screenshots folder, and your screenshots will be in there!

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How do I change the camera angle in BDO?

As many may know..or not know, you can change your camera zoom and position by holding down the Right Thumbstick for about 5 seconds. This puts it into Zoom/ Camera adjust mode. Right Thumbstick forward/backward is Zoom.

How can I observe in BDO?

It’s a good thing that the game actually offers a spectator mode for players who are after a free look around. To trigger this mode, simply sit down or lean against a wall and press ‘R’. This will leave your character behind so you can explore with the game’s camera.

How do you enter BDO cinematic mode?

How do you get the Cinematic camera? Ctrl + U ingame.

How do BDO pose?

You can use poses in game. When you hit enter to open the chat box, there’s an ‘M’ and ‘S’. Clicking the S shows all the emotes and stances. Additional ones can be unlocked and most from the character creation are at the bottom.

Where are steam screenshots?

You can find all your screenshots in Steam itself. Go to the Menu bar and click on ‘View’. From the drop-down menu, select ‘ Screenshots ‘. All your screenshots will be saved in there.

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