How do you get through the gerudo desert in Ocarina of Time?

Gerudo Valley – The Gerudo across the way have since broken the bridge to keep people out. To get across, you can either run at it with Epona, or Longshot either the pieces of the bridge hanging down the ledge, or the target directly above each side.

Can you do the spirit temple before the Shadow Temple?

You can do the spirit temple before the shadow temple?! Yep. They are near the beginning of the shadow temple though. I used to get them and then get out, then complete the spirit temple before finishing the shadow temple.

How do you get out of gerudo jail?

If any of the Gerudo guards sees you, you get thrown in jail. You can use your Longshot on the wood above the window to escape the jail cell. If you want to avoid jail, go past the stairs and carefully walk up the slope, watching for a Gerudo guard to the right. Don’t let her see you.

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Why are all gerudo female?

Due to a unique biological quirk, the race consists almost solely of females. A single male Gerudo is born into the tribe every hundred years. This male is destined by Gerudo law to become their king. Ganondorf is the only Gerudo male to have appeared in the series.

What is the power of silver in Ocarina of Time?

The Silver Gauntlets are an item from Ocarina of Time. When equipped, Link has the power to push heavy stone blocks bearing the Gerudo symbol. This ability is needed to progress through the Spirit Temple. Link is sent to find them for the Gerudo leader, Nabooru, in the Spirit Temple around the Desert Colossus.

How do you get Bombchus in Ocarina of Time?

Bombchu can be obtained only after Link has obtained a Bomb Bag. They can be purchased from the Bombchu Shop in the Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town, from the Carpet Merchant in the Haunted Wasteland, found in chests scattered throughout Hyrule, and won as prizes from the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

Where do you get the lens of truth in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, the Lens of Truth is obtained in the Bottom of the Well after defeating Dead Hand. It can be used in the Treasure Chest Shop in Hyrule Castle Town Market in order to complete the game to be awarded with a Piece of Heart.

Can you beat the Spirit Temple first?

Yes. I’ve done it lots of times. You can complete the Adult Saga dungeons in any order, except for the Shadow Temple which can only be entered after the Forest, Fire and Water dungeons have been beaten.

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How do you beat the Spirit Temple?

Head towards the two trees on your right, destroy the cracked wall with a bomb, and enter. Inside, play Zelda’s Lullaby standing on the Triforce symbol and the Great Fairy will grant you a spell: Naryu’s Love. Head into the Spirit Temple and you will discover that you cannot go further without the Silver Gauntlets.

What is the order of temples in Ocarina of Time?

When you first get out of the Temple of Time, Sheik tells you to get the sages in this order: Forest, Water, Fire, Shadow, and then Spirit. and that is the correct order.

How do you get to gerudo fortress as a kid?

User Info: NeonDragon9000. No, you cannot get past the bridge in Gerudo Valley or reach Gerudo’s Fortress as a kid. You can only go there via hacks/cheats. And while you could technically backtrack through the Haunted Wasteland, reaching the Fortress that way would still throw you in front of a locked gate.

How do you beat Twinrova?

How to beat Twinrova: Jump onto a side platform, and keep your eye on both the witches at the same time. When one attacks, use your Mirror Shield to deflect her beam onto the other witch. This means you need to deflect ice magic onto the fire witch and fire magic onto the ice witch.

Is Ocarina of Time coming to the switch?

A new bar has been set in open world gaming. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess have yet to be confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

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