How do I get to Stormhaven from Elsweyr?

Go to the docks in Mournhold and look for a Dunmer named Falvis Raram. He can transport you to Stormhaven. Since you’ll only be given a way shrine at the beginning of each faction, find a guild member/friend there already and travel to them. You can ask someone via chat.

What alliance is Alik R desert?

This area has 16 Skyshards and 3 achivements (explore, quests, skyshards).

Alik’r Desert Information
Faction Daggerfall Covenant
Previous Zone Rivenspire
Next Zone Bangkorai
Number of Quests ?


How do you get to the boat Sentinel in eso?

Depending on where you are at, go to your starting big city (Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall), then go to Daggerfall. On the docks of Daggerfall, you can get to Wayrest via ship (same anchor symbol on map), and on the Wayrest docks you can take a ship to Sentinel in Alik’r.

How do I get to Alik R desert 2020?

You’ll have to go back to Davon’s Watch, take the boat to Daggerfall. Go through Glenumbra to Stormhaven. Make you way to Wayrest and then take the boat to Alik’r Desert.

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Are the Alik R good or bad?

So yes, bad. Alik’r are mercenaries. Saadia spoke out against the government of Hammerfell when the Aldmeri Dominion spread to her province according to her. Conversely the Alik’r warriors claim that she is wanted for treason (as in selling out to the Aldmeri Dominion.

What happened to the Ebonheart pact?

It was long gone by the time of Tiber Septim, so 600 years prior to Skyrim I’d imagine after the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant fell apart the Pact did too. The Second Aldmeri Dominion was formed 2E830. It most likely collapsed due to infighting. It was a very unstable alliance.

How do I get to Artaeum?

Artaeum is the third largest island in the Summerset Isles. It is south of Summerset and Auridon. The only way to enter Artaeum for the first time is through the Keep of the Eleven Forces, or teleport to another player. The Psijic Order is based here.

How do I leave vvardenfell?

Go to a wayshrine in Morrowind and right-click while in the map to pull back to the map of Tamriel. You should see a few wayshrines in other parts you can travel to. Alternatively go to the little dock by the Silt Strider in Vivec and talk to the boat navigator there. Through the way shrines or boats.

Where is Divad’s chagrin?

Divad’s Chagrin Mine is a delve/mine that appears in Alik’r Desert in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is located southwest of Goat’s Head Oasis Wayshrine and north of Divad’s Chagrin Mine Wayshrine.

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How did hammerfell get its name?

Hammerfell is called Hammerfell because that’s where the hammer fell. Volendrung traveled pretty far.

How do I get to the Sentinel from Daggerfall eso?

They appear on the map as a white anchor. In Daggerfall the navigator will take you to Wayrest (Stormhaven) and from there there is a boat to Sentinel (Alik’r Desert).

How do you get the sentinel of Rkugamz?

The Helm can be acquired from Darkshade Caverns I which is part of the base game and located in Deshaan. The Helm is guaranteed to drop from the final boss in veteran mode only. The weight and trait are RNG based.

How do I get to Vulkhel guard from Grahtwood?

Grahtwood is in the base game, not in a DLC.

  1. You can fast travel there if you have a wayshrine discovered.
  2. You can walk there from neighboring zones.
  3. You can fast travel there via the boatman at the docks from neighboring zones or other capital cities.

How do I get to Vulkhel guard from vvardenfell?

If you have the Morrowind DLC you will start in Vvardenfell. To access the main quest line go to Vulkel Guard and you will be approached by a hooded stranger. You can leave Vvardenfell by any active wayshrine. You can travel to KR or Auridon from there.

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