How do I farm contribution points in Black Desert Mobile?

One primary way to farm Contribution is to complete repeatable quests killing 100 mobs, as they usually reward you with Contribution points. This works but takes a long time to gain Contribution, about 50 to 90 points in an hour or so.

How do I get BDO contribution points Reddit?

You have a few choices:

  1. Complete your “Main” quests, many (if not all) reward CP. Hit “O” and select each tab and scroll through them – you’ll see what quests give CP.
  2. Complete Daily Quests. At 75, you’ll probably want to do Calpheon first.
  3. AFK Alchemy or Cooking recipes.

How many contribution points can you get in BDO?

These quests will give you a total of 1500 Contribution Point EXP. And will take around 15 minutes to complete. Black Desert Online.

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How do I increase my energy and contribution points BDO?

In short, you get contribution points from doing quests and turning in extra materials from cooking and alchemy. You get energy by gaining additional knowledge, nodes can be gained by investing contribution points, and loot can be improved by investing energy into them.

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How can I get BDM contribution?

1) Gaining Contribution You can gain Contribution EXP as a reward by completing quests. Gain Contribution EXP to acquire more Contribution points. Your Contribution point is shown on the [Wealth] list. For details, check [My Info] > [ Contribution ].

How do I get more contribution points?

The only way to increase your contribution points pool is by gaining contribution experience. There are three ways to gain contribution experience. These are completing quests, by doing alchemy and cooking for contribution points. When you gain enough contribution experience you gain a contribution point.

How can I get BDO energy?

The easiest way to get Energy is to unlock every node and talk to every NPC in every town. This is pretty easy to do and is by far the fastest method to get your energy up.

How do I farm in BDO?

To start farming you will need to rent a fence from an NPC using “Contribution points”. Contribution points are earned by completing quests. Contribution points can be seen in the top left along with your Skill points and Energy. You can rent up to 10 farms in TOTAL (eg.

What is Max point BDO?

Agris Fever Points recover each day at 06:00 UTC and can reach a maximum of 50,000 points.

Where can I return my BDO contributions?

any contributed gear, can be returned to almost any major city mayors or leaders. Just right click on the major town and just auto-run to that city and return them by clicking on one of the menu that they prompt, dont spam r.

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What is a contribution item BDO?

The items your worker has gathered or crafted will be stored at the town storage. From BDO WIKI. These points have multiple uses: from purchasing houses and investing in nodes to renting items such as matchlocks or special items..

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