Is extra mint chocolate chip gum discontinued?

Wrigley had decided to discontinue this gum and Amazon is the only place I have been able to find it. I LOVE it – it replaces desert for me. Chocolate Chip Mint gum.

Does anyone make chocolate flavored gum?

PUR Gum Chocolate Mint: All of the taste and none of the guilt, satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious Swiss cacao flavoring followed by rush of breath freshening mint. Each resealable bag of Chocolate Mint gum contains 55 pieces.

How much is an extra pack of gum?

I have been paying $2.09 to 3.89 per pack of this size. at $9.64 for 6- 35 packs of Extra Gum, it comes to $1.61 each, and the equivalent of $0.69 per 15pack of gum.

What is the best extra gum flavor?

In my opinion, Extra Spearmint Sugarfree gum has always been the best. The flavor is outstanding and long lasting, the texture is great, the gum stays fresh long, and is the perfect amount in each stick. This time the experience was no different.

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What is the best mint gum?

We Chewed 8 Packs Of Gum To See Which One Lasted The Longest

  • 1 of 10. Orbit. Mint Factor.
  • 2 of 10. Eclipse. Mint Factor.
  • 3 of 10. Extra. Mint Factor.
  • 4 of 10. Trident White. Mint Factor.
  • 5 of 10. Winterfresh. Mint Factor.
  • 6 of 10. Stride. Mint Factor.
  • 7 of 10. Dentyne Ice. Mint Factor.
  • 8 of 10. 5 Gum. Mint Factor.

What company owns Trident gum?

Trident (gum)

Product type Chewing gum
Owner Cadbury, Mondelez International
Country United States
Introduced 1964
Previous owners American Chicle Company Warner-Lambert Pfizer

Why is there no chocolate gum?

But back to your question, a website on the Invention of Chewing Gum, offers this explanation: “Unfortunately, the cocoa butter in chocolate acts as an emulsifier on chewing gum base, making it extremely soft, negatively affecting the chewing quality of the product.”

What is Bubble Yum?

Sugar, Gum Base, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (Includes Red 40 Lake), And Bht (To Maintain Freshness).

Is there such thing as chocolate bubble gum?

Hershey’s Chocolate Bubble Gum is one of the more unique offerings of 2007. This bubble gum actually tastes like Hershey’s Chocolate with, according to the manufacturer, “genuine chocolate flavor.”

Is Extra gum bad for your teeth?

Chewing gum can be very bad for your oral health, good for your oral health, or very good for your oral health. It all depends on the kind of gum you are chewing. If you’re regularly chewing gum containing sugar, then you are at risk of developing dental caries ( tooth decay).

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Does chewing gum help jawline?

Chewing gum is one of the easiest ways of improving your jawline definition. The chewing action works the muscles in your neck and jaw, which really tightens up the whole jawline and chin area. And if you’re constantly chewing, you’re working those muscles all day long.

Is Extra gum OK for braces?

It’s really best to avoid chewing gum while you’re wearing braces. Any sticky substances, gum included, put them at risk. Gum may not pull your brackets off, but if it gets stuck, you could bend the wires that connect your brackets in the process of trying to untangle the mess.

Is extra a good gum brand?

The flavor is amazing and always long lasting! Always get the big pack because I chew through gum a lot! Great for bad breath or just for a good taste! Extra is great gum!

What is the most popular gum brand?

Fittingly, the brands selling the most gum to Americans these days—namely Trident to Orbit, Extra, Dentyne, 5, and Eclipse—specialize in sugar-free, mint-flavored gum.

What is the number one gum?

The best-selling gum brand was Wrigley’s Double Mint, accounting for sales of roughly 115 million U.S. dollars. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and Wrigley’s Spearmint rounded off the leading U.S. regular gum brands.

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