Who is Catherine Zhang?

My name is Catherine, a food blogger and dessert lover. As an Australian-Chinese pastry chef and recipe developer I share recipes and tips on desserts inspired by amazing flavours, fresh produce and of course my Asian background.

Is Adriano Zumbo married?

Adriano Zumbo is not yet Married but dating a girlfriend. Next, he tried dating their family’s lawyer, Daniella Ruggero, back in 2012 when his career had just started to form. For a moment, things looked serious when they moved in together in her home in Balmain. However, they too broke up two years later, in 2014.

What dessert did Catherine Zhang put in Zumbo’s store?

If I really think about what my favourite dessert I made on the show was it would be the BBQ from the golden ticket Zumbo test. I actually really enjoyed the Zumbo tests.

Does Catherine win Zumbo’s just desserts?

The winner of this season won the grand prize of $100,000 and earns the title of ” Zumbo’s Just Desserts Winner “. Zumbo’s Just Desserts (season 2)

Zumbo’s Just Desserts
Winner Catherine Zhang
No. of episodes 10
Original network Seven Network

Is Rachel Khoo divorced?

Personal life. In 2006, Khoo moved to Paris, where she lived for eight years. In 2014, she returned to London, settling in Hoxton, a district of Hackney and then moved to Stockholm in 2016. In 2014, she became engaged to Swedish man Robert Wiktorin, and they married in 2015.

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How old is Rachel Khoo husband?

Robert Wiktorin Wiki

Robert Wiktorin Wiki/Bio
Famous As Chef
Age 40-years old
Birthday NA
Birthplace Sweden


Why is Rachel Khoo in Sweden?

‘Paris was for the love of cake, Sweden was for the love of a man’ “Paris was for the love of cake, Sweden was for the love of a man, it was as simple as that,” says Khoo, who has just published her sixth cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen.

Does Rachel Khoo still live in Sweden?

For a start, she’s living in Sweden – and she’s now a mum! “I’m currently living in Stockholm juggling being mum to three-year-old and 11-month-old kids while also working on some new TV projects,” says Khoo, when SBS chats to her on the other side of the globe.

Did Zumbo dating Gigi?

It’s long been known that TV chef Adriano Zumbo knows the secret to a perfect dessert. Gigi Falanga, his Zumbo’s Just Desserts co-star, has announced her engagement to partner Sam Page, just weeks after Zumbo found controversial love of his own.

Who is Zumbo dating?

My Kitchen Rules star Nelly Riggio and pastry chef Adriano Zumbo made headlines in 2016 when they began dating shortly after they started working together. And the culinary couple are still together four years later, and in fact just celebrated their anniversary.

Was Zumbo’s just desserts Cancelled?

Most people just assumed the show was cancelled when no Zumbo’s Just Desserts season 2 appeared in their Netflix queue. But, luckily for fans of the sweet show, that’s not quite the case. The show flopped on Seven Network.

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