What was Johnny Depp’s favorite chocolate?

Roux: I thought you’d never guess. My favourite – hot chocolate.

What type of animal is Pantoufle?

Pantoufle is Anouk’s imaginary kangaroo friend.

Where is Roux from in Chocolat?

roaming around Europe with a band of fellow travelers. A gypsy used to living on the water, Roux takes his home with him wherever he goes. Life’s easier that way. Living… currently, on the outskirts of a small French village.

Who is the black man in Chocolat?

Père Antoine’s sin has caused his coma and Reynaud’s sin will bring about his downfall. Reynaud is the gloomy presence at the end of the carnival parade, the Black Man that haunts Vianne Rocher’s dreams.

Does Johnny Depp eat chocolate?

Eat Dessert like Johnny Depp While Depp was allergic to chocolate in his childhood, that hasn’t stopped him in his adult years. He reportedly satisfies his sweet tooth with either cheap chocolate or sticky toffee pudding.

Who died in Chocolat?

Later that night, Serge sets fire to the boat where Josephine and Anouk are sleeping. Both escape unharmed, but Vianne’s faith in the village is shaken. Luc helps Armande home from the party; her death soon after devastates both him and his mother.

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What time period is Chocolat set in?

1960, small town France. Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) and her young daughter Anouk (Victoire Thivisol) move into town and open a chocolate shop just as Lent is beginning.

What does Chocolat mean?

[ʃɔkɔla ] (= friandise) chocolate. (= boisson) chocolate ⧫ hot chocolate.

Why does Johnny Depp have an Irish accent in Chocolat?

Despite his character’s name, Mr Depp has evidently decided that he is not comfortable with the ‘Allo ‘Allo Franglais voices imposed on everyone else, so he plays him as an Irishman with what is supposed to be an Irish accent.

Is Chocolat masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of chocolat is masculine.

Who is Armande in Chocolat?

Armande Voizin, played by Judi Dench, is a 69-year-old woman with diabetes who no longer seems to enjoy her life.

What was the Kangaroos name in Chocolat?

Anouk Rocher’s (Victoire Thivisol’s) imaginary kangaroo’s name is spelled “Pantoufle”, not “Pantouf”.

What anime is Chocolat from?

Chocolat (ショコラ, Shokora?) is one of the main female characters of the Noucome series. She is also one of the few people who knows about Kanade’s curse.

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