How do you make Spoon icing?

While the frosting is still soft, place a small spoon at a slight angle on the bottom edge of cake. Press gently and drag it parallel along the cake, creating a 2-inch-long horizontal line in the frosting. Repeat, overlapping slightly with the previous line, moving all the way around the cake to complete the row.

How do you drip a cake with a spoon?

THE SPOON METHOD If you decide you’d rather not work with a squeeze bottle, you can use a spoon. Use your spoon to add the chocolate to the edges of the cake and gently push it over the edge so that it falls, creating a drip. Continue adding drips around the outer edge until you’ll gone all the way around.

How do you ice a cake without an icing bag?

You can use food coloring to color your buttercream, or just leave it white like I did. The first step is to ice your cake. If you don’t have an icing spatula, you can use the back, straight edge of a large knife to smooth your buttercream and then clean up the bottom of your cake plate with a paper towel.

How do you swirl icing with a spatula?

Use an offset spatula to scoop up about a 1/4 cup of frosting, says general manager Christa LiTrenta. Gently dab the frosting onto the cupcake, rotating the cake as you dab it. The buttercream will slide off the spatula in a teardrop-like shape, and as you turn the cake, it will form a plateau of icing on top.

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What Wilton tip makes waves?

I used Wilton decorating tip #104 to make the ” waves.” For the multi-colored effect, I only partially mixed the blue coloring into the white frosting & put streaks of blue coloring onto the edges of the icing bag. Find this Pin and more on Wilton tips by Kim McCarthy.

How do you tip 104?

Decorate cakes. Using tip of spatula, create angled lines around side of cake. Prepare decorating bag with tip 104 and pink icing. Starting at top edge of cake, pipe petals on cake top, working towards center. Purple Cake: Using purple icing and spatula, ice cake smooth, using spatula to create swirl on top of cake.

How can I decorate my homemade cake?

Here is another easy and fun way to decorate your cakes. Just add some edible colors to your fondant and knead well. Roll the fondant sheets with a pin, use a cookie cutter to cut out different shapes like hearts, stars, circles or whatever your heart desires.

How can I write my name on cake at home without cream?

Another easy option is making a stencil out of wax paper. Write your message in block letters and carefully cut out the letters with a knife. Place the wax paper stencil over your cake, and fill in the letters with powdered sugar or sprinkles. Remove the stencil to reveal your message.

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