How do you garnish with a lemon?


  1. Take a fresh lemon or lime.
  2. Make a slice through one side of the peel and the pulp, all the way up to the rind on the other side.
  3. Cut the pulp off of the peel so that you have one long thin strip of peel.
  4. Twist the peel into a curly-q shape.
  5. Use lemon or lime twists to garnish cocktails or beverages.

How do you display lemons?

Display unpeeled fresh citrus in your kitchen for up to a week at room temperature or use faux fruit for a longer-lasting design. Choose a large glass jar that suits your decorating style. A simple, glass pillar looks contemporary, while an oversized Mason jar has country flair.

How do you cut a lemon nicely?

2 Technique

  1. Mark petals on the lemon before making cuts, so all petals nice and even.
  2. Cut out the flower with paring knife.
  3. Cut the bottom for stability on the plate.
  4. Peel the lemon.
  5. Remove pith if need it for more flexibility.

How can I decorate a cake at home without cream?

So, keep reading.

  1. Icing Sugar. If you wish to have a heavenly enticing cake without putting in much of your efforts, then decorate your cake with icing sugar.
  2. Frosting.
  3. Fondant Designs.
  4. Chocolates and Candies.
  5. Coconut Enveloping.
  6. Fruit Toppings.
  7. Crunchy Nuts.
  8. Real Flowers.
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How make icing for cake at home?

You need just three ingredients – egg whites, icing sugar and lemon juice. Egg whites are whisked to form soft peaks and then icing sugar and lemon juice is added, little by little, until it thickens and acquires a creamy consistency.

What is the technique in decorating a cake?

10 Trending Cake Decorating Techniques To Try In 2020

  • PRESSED FLOWERS. The pressed flower trend is so simple yet so striking.

Is Cake Decorating a talent?

Becoming a talented cake decorator takes more than talent. You really have to love it! This profession can be stressful and requires working the weekends and long hours around certain holidays.

Why is there a need to decorate a cake?

Cakes are decorated to mark a special celebration (such as a birthday or wedding). They can also mark national or religious holidays, or be used to promote commercial enterprises. However, cakes may be baked and decorated for almost any social occasion.

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