What level should I cook feed BDO?

Making Good Feed Each batch should give on average 4 feeds when your cooking level is at artisan level 1.

Where do you get pet food in black desert?

On where to purchase pet food, you can buy pet food from stable keepers. Some stable keepers do not sell pet food, unfortunately. You have to interact with the stable keeper, click the store icon, and purchase the feeds you need for your pet. Close the store and feed your pets.

How do I use my pet in BDO?

Pets can be bought from the Pearl Store by pressing (F3) then going to the pet tab. Pets will follow your character around and pick up loot for you automatically. All tier pets pick up one item every 2.5 – 10 seconds (depending on their tier and level) within a 10 meter radius.

How does pet Exchange work BDO?

Pet Exchange: up to 4 Tiers obtained via Pet Exchange (AKA Pet Breeding) Pet Buffs: A long list of passive buffs that help you with Life Skills, Knowledge, and Combat. Loot Speed: pets start at 10 seconds and loot up to every 2.5 seconds for highest Tier and Level (Tier 4 + Level 10)

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Where can I buy cheap BDO food?

You can buy Cheap Feed from the Stable NPCs in the various town/cities. It costs 500 silver each and only give +6 satiety.

How do you cook lamb meat in BDO?

– How to Obtain: It can be obtained by butchering a sheep corpse. – Usage: Steak, Meat Stew, Meat Pasta, etc.

How can I get a free pet from BDO?

These free pets are obtained via completing the main story quests, up to Valencia. 4 Other Free Pets: Other free pets obtainable include a free dog or cat from a Challenge Reward, a rare dragon pet drop, a fox from Deve’s Encyclopedia, and Nouver pet.

Where do BDO workers get food?

Feeding Workers You will have to feed them specific items to replenish their stamina. You can buy these items in the Consumables > Food section in the Central Market or you can craft them yourself.

How do I combine pets in BDO?

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs).

Do pets grow in BDO?

sadly no pets don’t grow up and change. they do level but that doesn’t change there physical appearance. Breeding gets cats with more varied looks, and a cash shop item lets you set the look.

How do I change my pet skill in BDO?

  1. Yes by breeding same type of pets like your penguins.
  2. You breed them by clicking on “exchange” and select both penguins (make sure to pick if you want to keep the look of either and also the skill or gamble for a new skill ).
  3. you can decide if you want to keep one of the parents skills or get new ones.
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