Is Desert Ghost recessive?

Desert ghost is a recessive mutation. The patterning is pretty similar to desert, but as the snake ages it lightens up like crazy, almost like a fire on steriods.

What is a desert ghost ball python?

Desert ghost is a recessive gene which means that you need both the parents to carry the gene to produce visual offspring. Desert ghost is one of the few genes in ball pythons that look better as an adult. Desert ghost even reduces the ‘browning out’ when combined with genes that ‘brown out’ as adults such as pastel.

Is Desert Ghost compatible with enhancer?

We have all heard rumors of Enhancers being compatible with Desert Ghosts, Basically another lineage of Desert Ghosts. The Pure Desert Ghost is much lighter in color, the enhancer is more yellow and more black, and the enhancer desert ghost looks like a mix in between them, Selective breeding to its finest!;)

Are desert ghost females infertile?

Desert is the incomplete dominant morph whose females cannot reproduce. Desert Ghost is the recessive morph that’s quickly gaining in popularity right now.

What is Axanthic ball python?

Axanthic Ball Pythons are a color morph of the Ball Python. Axanthism is a recessive color mutation that reduces the number of yellow pigment-producing cells in a snake. Pure Axanthic snakes look very similar to a common Ball Python but are just black, white and gray.

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What is pastel ball python?

Pastel Ball Pythons are vibrantly colored snakes perfect for beginners and experienced keepers. They are a color morph of the Ball Python – a species known for their calm, friendly temperament and vibrant colors. Their vibrant color and pale eyes make them beautiful to look at.

How much are banana ball pythons?

The average banana ball python is $100-$150 for a baby. Adults sell for $200-$300. The most expensive morphs (e.g. scaleless bananas ) can cost $3,000.

What are ball python morphs?

Ball Python Morphs are Ball Python snakes that have been selectively bred for a specific color or pattern appearance. Morphs are bred by specialized snake breeders who try to isolate mutations found naturally in the wild. They use selective breeding to produce especially vivid and interesting color variations.

Does Brian barczyk sell snakes?

My name is Brian Barczyk, I run one of the worlds largest snake breeding facilties. We hatch over 30,000 baby snakes a year! We sell from the beginner hobbyist all the way to the advanced collector. We have snakes as cheap as $25 all the way to tens of thousands of dollars a piece.

What genes are in a firefly ball python?

The Firefly Ball Python is bred from the co-dominant genes of the Fire Ball and Pastel morphs.

What is a leopard ball python?

The Leopard ball is a dominant morph first produced in 2005. They are characterized by their aberrant bold black markings, the light irregular blotch on the top of their heads, and black markings on their bellies.

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Is Desert Ghost and orange ghost compatible?

They are the same. There are a few incompatible ghost lines but Hypo/ Ghost / Orange Ghost are pretty much interchangable.

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