How long do Harry and David cookies last?

Our cookies and brownies taste best within 48 hrs of receipt. Freeze for long term storage in a freezer safe container up to 6 months. Our cakes and tarts are good for up to 3-4 days in the refrigerator, up to 6 months in the freezer.

Does Harry and David need to be refrigerated?

The cheese should be refrigerated after opening but is safe before you dig into it.

Are Harry and David reliable?

Harry & David has a consumer rating of 2.04 stars from 236 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Harry & David most frequently mention customer service, gift basket and credit card problems.

Is Harry and David going out of business?

Harry & David Closes Its Stores and Moves Fully Online.

Why is Harry and David Pear wrapped in gold?

The gold foil lets you know you’re about to enjoy something amazing. So in each box, one pear was wrapped in shining gold foil, turning what may seem like a beautiful pear at first glance into a treat fit for a king. Harry & David ® Royal Rivera® Pears quickly became a tradition for American families.

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How does Harry David ship?

To ensure perfect arrival, fresh cut bouquets are delivered via Express Shipping and incur an $9.99 shipping surcharge. Gifts with fresh flowers cannot be delivered to PO Box addresses.

Is Harry and David a good wine?

Harry and David may not be the most renowned wine label in the world, but we know Southern Oregon produces some top-notch grapes, and Harry and David can turn those grapes into some excellent wine. The overall experience with the food pairings makes this a positive recommendation.

Are Harry and David gift baskets good?

Harry & David has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality gift baskets and treats—and there’s a reason. We tested a wide variety of treats from Harry & David, from their famous pears to their holiday-themed gift towers. This gift tower just looked impressive when we received it.

Does Harry and David do same day delivery?

Fruit Bouquets & Chocolate Fruit | Same Day Gift Delivery | Harry & David.

Are Harry and David overpriced?

Much like its product selection, prices on Harry & David are all over the board. You can snag some high-quality, tasty treats for under $35, or you can splurge for larger baskets and robust offerings for over $100.

Which Harry and David pears are the best?

Harry & David’s so-called “Royal Riviera” pears are actually a variety called Doyenne du Comice. Comice, as they’re more typically referred to, are widely considered to be one of the best -tasting pear varieties.

Can I cancel Harry and David order?

Contact Harry & David at 1-877-322-1200 or [email protected]

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What is so special about Harry and David pears?

Harry and David’s Royal Riviera pears are “among the sweetest” of any pears (via Harry & David ). But, they’re actually a kind of Comice pear that is native to France. These pears are known for their plump, silky texture, and of course the sweet flavor. They were even a favorite of royalty and a rare fruit at the time.

Who owns Harry David?

Harry & David was sold in August 2014 to internet retailer 1-800-Flowers for $142.5 million. Harry & David is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inc. and Harry & David Operations, Inc.

Where does Harry and David get their fruit?

Today, Harry & David owns and farms over 2,000 acres of these exceptional Comice pear trees in the Rogue Valley. Royal Riviera® Pears are harvested in the fall and are a holiday tradition for countless families, friends, coworkers, and colleagues.

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