How often do horses learn skills BDO?

Horses have a variety of skills they can learn, depending upon their coat. They have a chance to randomly obtain 1 horse skill each time they level. Horse Skill Change coupons can help you obtain the skills you desire.

How do I raise my horse tier in BDO?

Breeding Horses at the gives you a chance to gain a higher Tier horse. An increase in horse Tier usually means better base horse stats, but there are some exceptions, depending on your goals. For example, there is a Tier 2 horse (2C) that has 3% lower base Speed than a Tier 1 horse (1A).

How many skills can a Tier 7 horse learn BDO?

A quick look at the market shows tier 7 and 8 horses generally have 5-10 skills.

How many skills a horse can have BDO?

Horses have a chance on learning a skill every time they level up. Its all RNG, so some horses might get 10 skills, while others just get 5. The higher the tier, the higher the chance it learns a skill.

How can I increase my horse speed in BDO?

You can increase the speed of your horse through horse gear and the riding crop.

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Is training profitable BDO?

The general consensus seems to be that Training can be profitable, but pales in comparison to other Life Skills like gathering, etc.

How do you increase training life BDO?

To start training one needs to own a tamed mount (donkeys can be obtained via quests early on) and ride it. While riding a mount or driving a vehicle pulled by a mount one owns, the mount levels slowly up and with every level it makes or every successful taming, the training skill of the player increases too.

How long does it take to train a horse BDO?

Leveling Horses increases their stats and skills. Max level for a horse is 30. Horse Leveling takes longer for higher tier horses. A level 1 tier 8 takes about 40 to 50 hours of AFK Training to reach level 30.

What skills do you need for a courser horse BDO?

Each horse tier has their own requirement for Courser. The more tiers your horse has, the more skills are required. Courser Skill Requirements by Tier.

Tier Required Horse Skills for Courser
1 & 2 Charge
3 & 4 Charge / Drift
5 & 6 Charge / Drift / Sprint
7 Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways


How do I make my horse a courser in BDO?

If your horse has all of the necessary skills, your horse automatically qualifies as a Courser. You can easily recognize a Courser by the golden icon in the Mount menu. There are no extra bonus stats for being qualified as a Courser, but the selling prices and imperial trading prices will increase.

Should I brand my horse BDO?

Black Desert Online Warning: do not buy Brands for horses they only give you skills sooner not more! People say it’s rng but the only rng is when you get a mount it already knows what skills you get. The brand only helps you get it sooner per level.

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